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Stretch (3-6 years)

Frisse oren
Festival De Betovering
Tue 25 Oct 11:00 and 13:30
Tue 25 Oct '22
11:00 and 13:30

Strek is a non-spoken music performance for children aged 3 to 6 plus their parents and grandparents. It’s about heading straightforward or taking a turn, about adapting or going your own way …

And stretch!
Yes, good, nice and straight.
Leg up and leg down,
And then… dart around the corner.
Now flex that arm!
Pull it tight, pull it up!
Long, crooked, short and stop!

Hey, a tube, or no… a whistle,
Nice and straight.
Stretched from left to right,
One long tone and oops, no tube, no whistle.

And then suddenly two instruments, or three!?
No wait, hey, even four!
Short – stretch – long – toot – WHAM – drrrrr – HO
off – on – phhhh – stretch…

Stretch is a music performance, played by four musicians, in a straight, squarely world. Where things are being build and get torn down again, where everything is correctly adjusted and neatly folded. Within the lines. The place looks to be a musical building site… Then, suddenly, someone bends, takes a curvy turn, draws his own plan and leaves the straight line. What do you do next?

Children must be supervised when attending the performance, so both children and their parents or supervisors must buy tickets.

Side programme
Before and after the show, children can visit the crawl space. The crawl space is a playground containing artistic objects in which musicians pop up. Here, children can play as preparation for the performance, or can wind down afterwards.