Hague Hoppers Social Dance

DJ's Lula and Rachel en live muziek van Hue Blanes' Hot Swing Five
Wed 14 Jun - Wed 12 Jun
Wed 14 Jun '23
Wed 12 Jun '24

Hague Hoppers is organising a free dance evening at the Kunstenplein in Amare, especially for lovers of jazz and swing dance. Together we dance lindy hop, balboa, collegiate shag, blues and solo jazz!


19.15-20.00 - Introduction workshop: Charleston basic steps and breaks door Louis en Rachel
20.00-23.00 - Social dance with live music by Hue Blanes' Hot Swing Five

Hue Blanes' Hot Swing Five will play for us Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Louis Prima, and Ella Fitzgerald, and some of the hottest names in Swing. The quintet will make you sweat with beads of energy. The Hot Swing Five brings the sound of the 1930's and 40's to our swinging dance party. Striving for the spirit of authenticity, improvisation, and featuring instrumental and choice vocal numbers from the golden era of music, Blanes' Hot Swing Five is sure to please!

Part of


Arjen's Hot Four

Tomek Van Leewen- bass 
Arjen Holtzer- violin
Nick Sansone- guitar
Jan Brouwer- guitar