Bowie Verschuren


Stichting Stuim / Schweigman& (16+)
Thu 16 Dec - Sun 2 Jan
Thu 16 Dec
Sun 2 Jan

How intensily can you experience colour? Colour as a phenomenon which you don't just see, but which totally absorbs... Spectrum is a spatial installation that makes colours tactile and tangible. Escape the mundane. Fall backwards into a black hole and reawaken in an infinite spectrum. An immersive experiende which will give you a whole new perspective on everyday life.

Following Blaas and Curve, Spectrum completes a triptych centred on white space, each piece created with spatial designer Cocky Eek. In Blaas you crawl through an inflatable balloon; in Curve you enter an endlessly spiralling tunnel. Spectrum starts by asking: how can we make the colour physically tangible? A joint project involving Matthijs Munnik, a light artist with an extraordinary sense of colour, and composer Yannis Kyriakides (Val), who turns the sound composition into a spatial experience.

Schweigman& has always touched a universal human chord throughout these past seventeen years. In a world saturated with stimuli and information we risk losing touch with what may be our most important compass: our body. Schweigman&’s work focuses on the senses, perceiving with the entire body and so intensifying our engagement with the world around us.

Spectrum is an installation without performers. Unfortunately this installation is not suitable for people with back- or neck issues, people with poor mobility and people who experience serious vertigo. Spectrum is however accessible for people with a mild visual impairment or hearing

De presentatie in Den Haag is een samenwerking van Amare met Todaysart

Karin Jonkers

“De intense kleursensaties zetten aan tot uiteenlopende associaties'” **** NRC
“Je wordt losgeweekt uit het alledaagse leven, elk besef van tijd verdwijnt” **** Trouw


concept: Boukje Schweigman, Cocky Eek, Matthijs Munnik
directed by Boukje Schweigman
design: Cocky Eek
light design: Matthijs Munnik
music: Yannis Kyriakides
set construction: Merijn Versnel, Hein Drost, Guido Bever
technical managment: Jurr van Diggele, Marco Steenks
directing assistent: Anemone Oostvriesland
production: Yola Parie
producer: Rachel Feuchtwang
production management: Puck Mathot
coordination press & publicity: Lonneke Laurant producing assistant Sanne Olijerhoek


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