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Introducing Amare

Residentie Orkest, Nederlands Dans Theater, Fazil Say, Romana Vrede -Het Nationale Theater, DeyDey & Manuela
Open Festival
Sat 20 Nov 19:00 and 19:15
Sat 20 Nov '21
19:00 and 19:15

Admire both the Danstheater and the Concertzaal with a double feature provided by Residentie Orkest, Nederlands Dans Theater, Fazil Say and Het Nationale Theater. A huge celebration full of surprises, with an unforgettable combination of music and dance.


Programme Concertzaal

Interview with Sven Arne Tepl, directeur of the Residentie Orkest 
Interviewer: Paula Udondek

Residentie Orkest o.l.v. Anja Bihlmaier
componist: Paul Dukas

Fazil Say
Silk Road
componist: Fazil Say

Residentie Orkest and Nederlands Dans Theater
Beethoven Cavatina uit Strijkkwartet nr. 13 (versie voor strijkorkest)
componist: Ludwig Beethoven
duet chorografie: Dimo Kirilov Milev
dans: Nederlands Dans Theater

Residentie Orkest o.l.v. Anja Bihlmaier
Concertouverture ‘Carnaval’
componist: Antonín Dvořák


Programme Danstheater

Jan Zoet, directeur Amare
Willemijn Maas, directeur Nederlands Dans Theater

Force D'ÂMES
DeyDey & Manuela
Danse en choreografie: Delphine "Deydey" Nguyen en Manuela Bolegue
Music mixed: Boibeige
Supported by Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven, Stichting Notorious IBE, Eisfabrik Hannover

Liefdesverklaringen (fragment)
Het Nationale Theater
spel: Romana Vrede
tekst: Magne van den Berg

Bedroom Folk
Nederlands Dans Theater 1
choreografie: Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar

The event will open with Dukas’s festive Fanfare, followed by grand master Fazil Say, one of the most prominent pianists of our time, performing his own poetic piano concert Silk Road. This is followed by a more introspective performance by two dancers in a choreography by Dimo Milev, set to one of the most beautiful sections of Beethoven’s oeuvre, the Cavatina from String Quarter Op. 130. The programme ends with Dvorák’s vibrant Carnival. Overseeing the entire evening is Residentie Orkest’s new chief conductor, Anja Bihlmaier.

How does it work?
As a visitor, you will discover both the Concertzaal and the Danstheater. The hall you book a ticket for is the hall where your evening starts. 

  • Concertzaal: Residentie Orkest, Fazil Say & Nederlands Dans Theater duet by Dimo Milev (choreographer), presentation by Paula Udondek
  • Danstheater: Force D’Ames duet by Delphine ‘DeyDey’ Nguyen & Manuela Bolegue
    Scenes from Romana Vrede’s Liefdesverklaring by Het Nationale Theater
    The extended version of Sharon Eyal’s Bedroom Folk by Nederlands Dans Theater

At Introducing Amare you have a seat in the Concertzaal and Danstheater. Introducing Amare can therefore continue according to the latest corona measures. The term 'unseated' on the ticket is only used to indicate that it has not yet been defined exactly where you will be seated.


Introducing Amare is a co-production by Amare, Nederlands Dans Theater & Residentie Orkest.