Strange News

New European Ensemble
Tue 16 Nov 20:15
Tue 16 Nov
  • Tue 16 Nov
    Amare, Den Haag
    Past event

As part of WIJ Den Haag, the New European ensemble presents Strange News by Rolf Wallin and Josse de Pauw.

The ensemble collaborates with the International Criminal Court (ICC) to clarify connections between the piece and the work of the court. Strange News is a gripping interdisciplinary piece that focuses on the lives and fates of child soldiers in our time. Ugandan actor Arthur Kisenyi tells the story of a young child soldier, his experiences and his eventual return to a peaceful society. This story is illuminated with poignant and versatile music by the Norwegian composer Rolf Wallin. Film images illustrate the African context of the story. In addition to Strange News, NEuE presents new work by the composer Florentijn Boddendijk from The Hague, who is inspired by the importance of international criminal law.

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Florentijn Boddendijk, Building Hope (wereldpremière)
Rolf Wallin, Strange News

Rolf Wallin
Rolf Wallin


New European Ensemble i.s.m. Ensemble Academy Koninklijk Conservatorium
Acteur; Arthur Kisneyi
Dirigent: Willem Stam
Regie Strange News: Josse de Pauw


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