Traces left within

NDT 1 | Jiří Kylián / Marco Goecke / Marina Mascarell / met live begeleiding van Het Balletorkest
Holland Dance Festival
Thu 3 Feb - Fri 25 Feb
Thu 3 Feb '22
Fri 25 Feb '22

Traces left within presents a return of Jiří Kylián’s Toss of a Dice (2005), and two world premieres by Marco Goecke and Marina Mascarell. The programme captures a collection of strong choreographic styles that are each uniquely different but find connection in their uninhibited approach. Both world premieres will be accompanied live by the Dutch Ballet Orchestra.  


Marco Goecke - I love you, ghosts
Jiří Kylián - Toss of a Dice (2005)
Marina Mascarell - How to cope with a sunset when the horizon has been dismantled

The driven complexity of Marco Goecke’s (Germany) choreography excavates the inner working of an artist through his lightning-fast, nervous fluttering, and razor-sharp movements that stimulate the nervous system each time. Dancers twitch and contort their faces that portray both an intense longing and a dark intimacy. For Traces left within the NDT associate choreographer will create a new world premiere with the dancers of NDT 1.  

Jiří Kylián’s (Czech Republic) work evokes the dancer’s ability to speak honestly and sincerely. The emotional and kinetic thrust of his signature style is expressed through sensual, intimate gestures that capture the cerebral body as an instrument of inner movements. 

For Traces left within Kylián revisits Toss of a Dice with the NDT dancers since it was last performed by the company in 2006. The work was inspired by the work of sculptor Susumu Shingu, whose pieces Kylián calls “dancers of eternity” and a poem by Stéphane Mallarmé carrying the work’s title: “To me [Toss of a Dice] is a symbol of a sunken ship, something that is submerged under the waters of our conscious behavior, something which might be retrieved, or might not.” 

Marina Mascarell’s (Spain) works are poetic, socially political and intimate. As a former member of NDT, her approach to movement inhabits the game of recognizing patterns in order to overcome them, and constantly questions choices to find the ‘true-self’: “I believe theatre has to make your imagination fly, without ever using the object like it is. I always question established ways of being, or issues I think society has. That’s what moves me to create.”  

NDT is very excited to see how working with a live orchestra will further develop her practice. This will be Marina’s first work created with the dancers of NDT 1.



De voorstellingen van Traces left within op 23, 24 en 25 februari gaan donderdag 17 februari om 12:00 in de verkoop. Voor die tijd geven we eerst kaartkopers die we op 3, 4 en 5 februari hebben moeten teleurstellen in verband met de beperkte zaalcapaciteit de kans om met voorrang kaarten te bestellen

Jiří Kylián

The world-renowned choreographer Jiří Kylián (Czechoslovakia, 1947) has been artistic director of Nederlands Dans Theater for nearly a quarter century. After having created three ballets for NDT (Viewers, Stoolgame and La Cathédrale Engloutie), Kylián became the company’s artistic director in 1975 together with Hans Knill. In 1978 he and Carel Birnie founded NDT 2, meant to offer young dancers the opportunity to develop their skills and talents and focus on maturing their artistic personalities. In 1991 he initiated NDT 3; a company that created opportunities for older dancers. NDT stood out as the first company worldwide that showed the three dimensions of a dancer’s life. After an extraordinary record of service Kylián handed over the artistic leadership in 1999, but remained the company’s house choreographer until 2009.

Since his last piece Mémoires d’Oubliettes for NDT in 2009, Kylián’s creative focus has shifted to more small scale projects and films. Kylián’s entire body of work counts 100 creations to date, of which 77 performed by NDT and no less than 75 were especially created for the company. Furthermore, he made pieces for companies worldwide such as the Stuttgart Ballet, the Opéra de Paris, the Munich Bayerisches Staatsballett, and the Tokyo Ballet.

In 2020, NDT 1 presented the program Sometimes, I wonder, which marked the return of Kylián’s work.

Kylián received many prestigious, international awards and honours, such as Officer of the Royal Dutch Order of Orange-Nassau, Honorary Medal of Order for Arts and Science of the House of Orange given to him by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix, honorary doctorate of the Juilliard School in New York and the Honorary Medal from the President of the Czech Republic. To this day, Kylián’s masterpieces are frequently performed by numerous dance companies and schools around the world.

Marco Goecke

Marco Goecke (1972, Wuppertal) joined NDT as an associate choreographer in season 2013-2014. Earlier, he created Nichts (NDT 2, 2008), Garbo Laughs (NDT 1, 2012), Hello Earth (NDT 1, 2014), Thin Skin (NDT 1, 2015; Nominee Dutch dance Zwaan Awards ‘most impressive choreography 2015’), Woke up Blind (NDT 1, 2016), Midnight Raga (NDT 2, 2017; winner Dutch Zwaan Awards ‘most impressive choreography 2017’) and Wir sagen uns Dunkles (NDT 2, 2017).  During the sixtieth anniversary season, Goecke created Kunstkamer (2019) together with Paul Lightfoot & Sol León and Crystal Pite. His most recent work is The Big Crying (2021) for NDT 2.

As of season 2019-2020 Goecke leads the ballet direction at State Ballet Hannover.

In season 2021-2022 Goecke creates new work for NDT 1.

Marina Mascarell

Marina Mascarell (Oliva, Spain,1980) is a choreographer based in The Netherlands and Associated Artist at Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona since 2018. 

In her art the reflections, inquiries and concepts turn into a poetic fight, where thought transforms into corporeality and movement. Marina is interested in a rebellious body characterized by questioning ‘normativity’. In the dancing body as a form of resistance, deeply rooted in a political and social action. 

Beside her independent work Marina has also been commissioned to create pieces for different institutions such as Göteborgs Operans Danskompani, Biennale de la Danse of Lyon with Lyon Opera Ballet, Skanes Dansteater, Dance Forum Taipei or Nederlands Dans Theater. She collaborates as well with fellow artists in the fields of visual arts, film, music and theatre.

Her work has been seen in The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Taiwan, China, Korea, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. She has been recognized and awarded with several prizes along her career such as BNG Excellent Dans Award 2015 and the past years she has been nominated by Barcelona Critics Awards and Butaca Awards.

Alongside with her work as a choreographer Marina has developed a practice which is strongly linked to her choreographic process. A method focus in movement research and the increase of body awareness. She teaches workshops at different festivals, institutions or schools.

For NDT, Marina created A Hefty Flood (2018) for NDT 2. In season 2021-2022, Marina will work with the dancers of NDT 1 for the first time.