Confetti (6+)

Wed 2 Mar 14:30
Wed 2 Mar
  • Wed 2 Mar
    Amare, Den Haag

In Confetti, Introdans presents a colourful array of dance: from urban to classical. Throughout this season the company is celebrating a golden jubilee Introdans was founded 50 years ago. And this show is a must-see for everyone aged 6 and above. Two classical choreographies by the Netherlands’ most renowned choreographer Hans van Manen, stunning ballet fireworks by Karole Armitage and new work by streetwise talent Ruben Chi will all get you on the edge of your seat.


nieuw werk - Ruben Chi
Rave - Karole Armitage
Polish Pieces  - Hans van Manen
In the Future - Hans van Manen

New work by Ruben Chi

Streetstyle funkster Ruben Chi is an up-and-coming talent with a dance language all of his own. For Confetti he has drawn his inspiration from the works of grandmaster Hans van Manen. Ruben Chi seduces the dancers into cool moves, to equally cool music.


The former punk ballerina – Karole Armitage – made the choreography Rave in response to the attacks in New York on 11 September 2001. It’s a work that sparkles with the drive to survive and create and in which she combines various dance techniques: voguing, capoeira, wushu (Chinese martial arts) and ballet technique. The 24 body-painted dancers race across the stage in a spectacular bombardment of colour. The choreographer is known for her video clips for Michael Jackson and Madonna, including the hit Vogue.

“We need something exuberant, thrilling and life-affirming because we're all struggling so hard.” (Karole Armitage)

Polish Pieces 

Polish Pieces is definitely one of Hans van Manen’s most vibrant and colourful works. Set to the powerful music of Górecki, the maestro has twelve dancers in brightly coloured leotards storm across the stage in constantly changing combinations and a fantastically clear play of lines. The group sections are tightly composed, energetic and pulsating, while the duets ratchet up the tension even higher.

In the Future 

Although he hadn’t planned such an extreme concept beforehand, the costumes designed by Keso Dekker – green at the front, red at the back – play an important role in Hans van Manen’s In the Future. These costumes emphasise the sublime play of colours and bodies as they move to exhilarating, jazzy music of David Byrne. Red and green ensembles are interwoven in magical manner, green rows merge ingeniously with red ones, and with a simple jump or turn the entire picture changes yet again. This work has been an absolute audience favourite for many years! 

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