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Matthäus-Passion van Johann Heinrich Rolle

St Matthew Passion by Johann Heinrich Rolle
Thu 6 Apr 20:00
Thu 6 Apr '23
  • Thu 6 Apr '23
    Amare, Den Haag

Did you know that Bach was not the only one to compose an impressive St Matthew Passion? The piece composed by German Baroque composer Johann Heinrich Rolle also deserves to be heard. “Rolle created a passion with musically sensitive narration that seeks to pierce the heart. The Kölner Akademie are well aware of this, as their captivating performance demonstrates,” the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad wrote.


Rolle - Matthäus-Passion


Kölner Akademie
Michael Alexander Willens - dirigent
Anna Herbst - sopraan
Elvira Bill - alt
Markus Schäfer - tenor
Joachim Streckfuss - tenor
Andrey Akhmetov - bas
Raimonds Spogis - bas