Bolistas (8+)

Corpo Maquina
Festival de Betovering
Sat 23 Oct 14:15 and 19:00
Sat 23 Oct
14:15 and 19:00

With freestyle football and movement from the streets, Corpo Máquina Society brings a burst of energy and zest for life into the theatre. It is this particular team of freestyle footballers Nasser El Jackson, Younes El Jackson, breakdancer Simon Bus and performer/sound artist Boris de Klerk with which choreographer Guilherme Miotto has made/created Bolistas. 

Please note: To visit this performance you need a valid COVID certificate. Click here for more information.

Nasser was twice world champion in groundmoves and is ambassador street football of the KNVB. Younes plays out of his skin with Team El Jackson, breakdancer Simon folds himself in impossible curves and Boris works magic with sound.

Exactly the same they can/do, Nasser and Younes, with their feet, their heads and with the ball. That’s great to see. Since they know exactly what their bodies are capable of, they feel challenged to push the limits. It becomes even more brilliant when Simon makes them laugh with his cool agility. And with his feel for sound and rhythm, Boris supports the movers or on the contrary confuses them. It is as if they are playing a game in which the sole intention is to find each other again and again.

Invited to watch very closely by their accuracy, in their game we see their similarities as well as their differences. Without losing themselves they give it all they got and skim past everything that ever held them back. Their brille transcends everyday folly. In their every attempt, liberty is their holdfast, while they make room for each other’s moods.

Every human a dancer
Corpo Máquina Society works from Tilburg and Breda on professional performances for the theater circuit and on social artistic projects, talent development and cultural participation in the urban environment. One of the forces behind the approach [of Corpo Máquina Society] is the fertile interplay between professional work and social artistic activities.

Corpo Máquina Society works from the principle that there is a dancer in every person. We show that theatrics are everywhere for the taking, and that really everyone has theatrical powers. Instinctive Performance as developed by artistic director Guilherme Miotto is always the starting point.

Veilig naar het theater

Maatregelen rondom je bezoek aan Amare en de Nieuwe Kerk

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Choreography: Guilherme Miotto 
Performers: Boris de Klerk, Nasser El Jackson, Simon Bus, Stasy Terehhova
Stage and light design: Erik van de Wijdeven 
Dramaturgy: Moos van den Broek 
Technics: Mathijs Geraerts en Christian Verschuuren 
Organisation: Heleen Volman 
Graphic design: Marieke van der Schaar 
Photography: Ernest Potters


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