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Wed 17 Feb

Amare update: op de bouwplaats

Hoe gaat het met de bouw van Amare? Bouwcombinatie Cadanz deelt welke activiteiten in februari worden uitgevoerd op de bouwplaats aan het Spuiplein.

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Thu 28 Jan

Raad van Toezicht Stichting Amare weer op volle sterkte

De Raad van Toezicht van Stichting Amare is vanaf januari 2021 versterkt met drie nieuwe, zeer deskundige leden.

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Wed 11 Nov

Your business event in Amare

With 4 halls with unique atmospheres and characters, 8 lobbies, 2 restaurants and a conference centre, The Hague will soon have a convention and event centre with national and international allure.  

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Tue 3 Nov

Looking ahead with Geesje Prins, head of programming

What can we expect to see on Amare’s stages after it opens? Head of programming Geesje Prins and her colleagues are already working hard to prepare the programme from September 2021 on. Prins looks ahead with us and tells us more about the cornerstones of Amare’s programme, the many spots for public performances in Amare and the opening programme for the 2021-2022 season.

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Mon 2 Nov

A chat with director Jan Zoet

In September 2021, Amare will open its doors: a new cultural centre on Spui in The Hague. With four grand halls and a surface area of seven and a half football fields, it promises to be the ultimate place to experience theatre, dance, concerts and other outstanding performing arts. 

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Sun 1 Nov

What's in a name

Why the name ‘Amare’ for an OCC – an Onderwijs en Cultuurcentrum, or Centre for Education and Culture – built in the centre of The Hague? In fact, choosing a name for such a multifaceted centre was a long and complicated process.

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