In the media: construction issues affecting Amare

Amare’s Concertzaal and Conservatoriumzaal have been found to have sunk a few millimetres more than expected in the past months. The issue will be remedied and will not have any consequences for the programming or for the building’s acoustic properties.

It was reported in the media this week: the Concertzaal and Conservatoriumzaal of Amare have sunk a few millimetres more than expected in the past months. As a result, some doors started to jam and the floor had to be sanded down somewhat.

All of Amare’s auditoriums rest on their own foundation in order to avoid sound transfer between them. Shock absorbers have been installed between the foundations and the halls, and it now turns out that these have distorted slightly more than was expected (it is normal for newly constructed buildings to ‘settle’). The research was performed by Gemeente Den Haag and construction company Cadanz.

Implications for your visit?

Obviously, this finding worried us at first. However, now that the cause has been identified and it appears possible to remedy the problem quickly, we are fully confident that the builder will be able to solve the problems. The builder will work on it this coming summer and the acoustic properties of the building will not be affected. 

We wish to assure you that your visit to Amare is entirely safe. All concerts and performances will be able to take place.

© Jan Richard Kikkert