In the media: reparation work on sinking auditoriums

In the past few months, Amare’s Concertzaal and Conservatoriumzaal have sunk a few millimetres more than was anticipated. As a result, doors started to jam and floors needed to be sanded down. 

The various auditoriums in the complex each rest on their own foundation, in order to prevent sound transfer between them. Shock absorbers have been installed between the foundation and the halls, and these have distorted more than was expected (it is normal for newly constructed buildings to ‘settle’ a bit). As the owner of the building, the Gemeente Den Haag is responsible for the repairs and has made arrangements with construction company Cadanz to carry out these repairs quickly and safely. 

A schedule for the repair work has now been drawn up. The replacement and reinforcement of the shock absorbers beneath the Amare halls will take place in July and August of this year. This is necessary to prevent and remedy the sinking. Including preparations and finishing, the entire repair period will run from June through October. 

Implications for your visit?

All performances and concerts in Amare are expected to go ahead as planned. The wardrobe area and convention centre on Amare’s first floor will serve as work area for the repair operation and cannot be used from June through October. The cloakroom will therefore be relocated temporarily to the ground floor.