Repair works successfully completed

As you may have noticed, the repair works in Amare have been completed.

Repair works were carried out in Amare from June through October. All auditoriums rest on their own foundation to prevent sound transfer between them. For the Concertzaal and the Conservatoriumzaal, so-called ‘vibration absorbers’ are mounted between the foundation and the hall. These absorbers had distorted more than was expected, and therefore needed to be replaced and reinforced. For the Concertzaal this required lifting up the entire hall by two centimetres.

1 and 2 August were the days on which the Concertzaal was actually lifted up. All of the pillars on which the Concertzaal rests – fifteen pillars, to be precise – were braced so that the hall could be lifted up by two centimetres. This made it possible to replace the absorbers with new ones, made of a stiffer type of rubber.

Now that the repair works are over, the entire first floor is fully accessible again. The large curtain that hung in front of the Tribunetrap (our public stairs) on the ground floor on account of the repair works has been removed, and the temporary wardrobe at the Spui side of the ground floor will be disassembled. You can also take the stairs to the first floor again.