Amare Podcast: inclusivity means...

Amare aspires to be a platform of, for and by the city of The Hague. But how do you achieve this, as a theatre? And how do you define the concept of ‘inclusivity’? In this podcast series, experts will discuss these themes, with Paula Udondek as host. The podcast is in Dutch.

As the opening of Amare draws closer, we are eager to discuss the theme of inclusivity. We can draw on the knowledge and experience accumulated by Zuiderstrandtheater, where the range of theatre programmes was successfully broadened and made more culturally diverse. Thanks to the city programming, the theatre has been able to offer an appealing programme to a wider range of The Hague’s population. 

In this podcast series, we will be talking to people who are involved in the city programming, but also to external experts. The principal question is: how can you ensure that the greatest possible number of people feel at home in the theatre? Host Paula Udondek engages the guests in an in-depth discussion. Which steps are being taken to increase inclusivity, both by us and our partners?  And what would the ideal situation be like? Listen to the discussions, and be inspired.

The podcast is in Dutch and can be listened to via as well as via Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts.


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