A safe visit to the theatre

COVID measures concerning your visit to Amare and Nieuwe Kerk

© Katja Effting
© Katja Effting

Last update: 23 March 2022

It’s wonderful to once again welcome you to one of our concerts, performances, guided tours or business events in Amare and/or Nieuwe Kerk. In our theatre, the following COVID measures apply:

1.5m distancing rule
From 18 February 2022 onwards, the 1.5m distancing rule has been lifted in the theatre.

Face mask
From 25 February 2022 onwards, it is no longer mandatory to wear a face mask in the theatre.

COVID certificate 
After 25 February 2022 you do not need to show a COVID certificate anymore when visiting a performance or concert. Since 23 March 2022 this also applies to standing concerts with more than 500 people, for which a negativetest result QR code (1G) is no longer required.

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