The opening of Amare

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Amare's opening
Amare’s opening won’t actually take place at one single moment: the entire first season is one big opening with highlights for all visitors, with all their different interests, ages and needs. Because regardless of whether you are visiting to see a splendid performance, attend a convention or get a bite to eat, and no matter what you are looking for: Amare will be nothing short of a revelation. Although we do of course have a few spectacular opening events planned.

Open house
Amare will first open to the public in the weekend of 3, 4 and 5 September 2021. On Friday, a merry parade of orchestras will march through the city, ending in front of Amare, where the musicians will collectively perform a new piece by Johan de Meij. This is followed immediately by a spectacular performance in which the building’s architectural splendour plays an important role. Previews, free performances and tours will be held in the building throughout the weekend, marking the start of a season full of tours, giving everyone the opportunity to have a peek behind the scenes.

House-warming periode
The subsequent “house-warming” period in September, October and November will see the first programmes take place in the halls, such as the first premiere of the Nederlands Dans Theater in the Theaterzaal and the Residentie Orkest’s Prinsjesdag Concert in the Concertzaal.

Open festival
The three-day OPEN festival is scheduled for 19 to 21 November 2021. “That’s when Amare will really pull out all the stops, with a special focus on families on Sunday,” says Geesje Prins, head of programming at Amare. During this festival, the four resident companies of Amare will show what their collaboration can lead to, complemented with performances by leading international performers. Examples include master pianist, composer and Turkish cosmopolitan Fazil Say, a big name in the world of music who excels at fusing classical styles, jazz and Turkish music, and the young dancer Redouan Ait Chitt, who has also been turning heads internationally with his vocabulary of motion. Born with physical impairments, a dance career was not an obvious direction to take for Redo (his stage name), which also makes him a shining example of determination. Redo will put on a performance in collaboration with Slagwerk Den Haag, students of the Royal Conservatoire and the hip-hop artists of Aight.

Pop-up performances, installations and shows will be held in all of Amare’s public areas and the many studios and classrooms of the Royal Conservatoire, followed in the evening by a dynamic mix of pop music that journeys through The Hague’s pop musical history.

Sunday is a family day geared towards the youngest visitors and their parents and grandparents, with something to see in every corner of Amare. The educational departments are joining forces to make this day into one big party.


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