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The Zuiderstrandtheater in The Hague was always intended as a temporary theatre, built to replace the Lucent Danstheater and the Dr. Anton Philipszaal. The theatre opened its doors in 2015 with a diverse programme of dance, music, opera, cabaret, shows and family performances. In addition to its own programmes, Zuiderstrandtheater has two in-house companies, Nederlands Dans Theater and Residentie Orkest. Zuiderstrandtheater also organises concerts in the Nieuwe Kerk.

Big in dance, music and opera
Some 340 performances and concerts are held in Zuiderstrandtheater and Nieuwe Kerk every year. Particularly striking is the extensive offer of dance and music performances and operas. In fact, Zuiderstrandtheater stages the largest number of operas in the Netherlands after the Muziektheater in Amsterdam, and it occupies a similarly unique position with respect to dance and classical music. A wide-ranging city-based programme also features prominently at Zuiderstrandtheater, as do in-house productions such as musical theatre pieces in collaboration with Kwekers in de Kunst and the Residentie Orkest.

Zuiderstrandtheater has many collaboration partners, such as Kwekers in de kunst, Paard, Korzo, Holland Dance Festival, De Dutch Don't Dance Division, Muziekcentrum 1001 Nachten, Nationale Theater, Multicultureel Jongerengeluid, Stichting Dosti, SHON, Samen UIT, Haags HipHop Centrum, DesiYup and of course the in-house companies Residentie Orkest and Nederlands Dans Theater.

In the summer of 2021, the current residents of Zuiderstrandtheater will move to the new cultural centre of Amare. Amare will house Zuiderstrandtheater, Residentie Orkest, Nederlands Dans Theater and the Royal Conservatoire. The first programmes in Amare are scheduled for September 2021.


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