Help build up Amare

Once Amare is open, the city will never be the same again. And you could be there right from the start! Because we need your help. Support us and make an invaluable contribution to the most beautiful cultural building of the Netherlands! 
See how you can contribute right now: 

Business Private Funds & Foundations 

A place of imagination and inspiration 

“Everyone deserves a place for imagination and inspiration. A place where love for music, dance, musical and opera is born. Where heroes perform, talent development starts and careers are changed forever. Amare is that place.”  

- Jan Zoet, Director of Amare 

September 2021 is when Amare will open its doors. And it will be exciting. Scintillating. Unique. A refuge, a testing ground and a world-class stage. Amare will be the place to go if you want to be enthralled by wonderful performances and to experience the magic of the theatre. A new generation of talent will have the opportunity to blossom here, and through an educative and inclusive programme, we will be making the performing arts accessible for a wide audience. 
Of course, with a world-class building like Amare, we have to push the bar as high as we can. And that’s not something we can do alone. Will you help us bring this amazing cultural centre to life? 

The impact of your contribution 

As a sponsor or donor, you will be helping to realise the historical start of Amare: the new home of Zuiderstrandtheater, Residentie Orkest, Nederlands Dans Theater and the Royal Conservatoire. With your support, we can: 

  • Realise state-of-the-art facilities to create a top-level cultural venue;
  • Arrange the public spaces in a way that various local initiatives can be accommodated;
  • Make Amare accessible for everyone, even those who are not naturally drawn to theatre;
  • Be a nationally leading venue for international top-level acts in the areas of music, dance and musical theatre. 

Find out how your contribution to Amare will be used here. 

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How can I contribute? 

Doneer direct via Tikkie

Wilt u Amare helpen? Doneer eenmalig een bedrag aan Amare. Met uw bijdrage steunt u ons direct en u bepaalt zelf het bedrag via 'Tikkie'. Wij zijn u enorm dankbaar voor uw betrokkenheid en steun!

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Contact us 

We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your business to become an Amare partner or for you to support us as a private individual.  

Contact us Donate directly

Of stel uw vraag via ons contactformulier, wij nemen zo snel mogelijk contact met u op.


Amare thanks 

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