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In a city like The Hague, everyone deserves to have a place for imagination and inspiration. Amare is that place: a stage for the city, by the city and of the city. A place where love of the performing arts is born. The stage on which your heroes will stand, talents begin to develop, careers are changed forever. The new, throbbing heart of The Hague – for the generations of today as well as tomorrow.

Amare is being built at the commission of the City of The Hague. The fixtures and fittings in the halls and public spaces will be largely provided by the City authority. Amare itself is responsible for the furnishings. 

With that in mind, an ambitious plan has been developed to enrich the building with state-of-the-art facilities for top-level performances. And, to design the public spaces in such a way that various initiatives from within the city can be accommodated in Amare. Like open stage nights, street dance takeovers and Bach lunch concerts on the wide stairs near the entrance, yoga lessons on the Stadsplein, rehearsals by local marching bands in the Rehearsal Room, and Club hopping in the lobbies. 

It is also Amare’s responsibility to bring the building to life, to demonstrate the synergy between its four resident companies and to welcome the whole of The Hague. We will do so through a series of activities under the title of OPEN, three of which are WIJ Den Haag, OPEN Huis and OPEN Festival, which will be taking place around Amare’s official opening in the autumn of 2021.

In order to realise this and to achieve the level of its ambitions, Amare is looking for partners. The goal is to establish long-lasting collaborative relationships in which both parties reinforce each other.

For more information about the possibilities for your company to become a partner of Amare, or to support Amare as a private individual, please contact us at


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