Uit Het Gareel pop-up exhibition 

Welcome to Amare's Kunstenplein

You are now located in our building's cultural heart and you are experiencing a world of alternative realities. But what are you really seeing? Allow us to explain the idea behind this pop-up exhibition by the collective Uit Het Gareel from The Hague and scroll down to read the creator's note that comes with each of the art pieces you now see in front of you. Perhaps you'll be surprised by the underlying meaning of the pieces you see here today. Take a walk around and be inspired by the pieces created by a bunch of young artists. 

About the exhibition 

The theatre symbolises imagination and connection. It's a place for coming together, where dramatic drapes open a path to a new world. As the lines between reality and imagination blur, walls are broken down and spaces are created. These spaces nourish new ideas, fantasies and realities. The exhibition Alternative Realities by Uit Het Gareel shows pieces by a diverse group of young artists. The pieces open a door to an alternative reality. From new perspectives and alternative conceptions of community to digitally altered realities and contemporary rituals. 

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All about the art work

A sense of community by Anna Nunes
In Anna Nunes' work, the women's community is a new theme, with a message that is particularly important now. Especially now, when we have become so distanced from each other by covid's emergency measures, the war in Ukraine and the strict migration policies. With the distances and loneliness so overwhelming and the society in danger of falling apart, Anna feels she urge to show unity and awaken a sense of community. After all, as she describes it herself, ' The fact that we have lost it does not mean that it no longer exists'.
Xenofossils by Erik Peters
Xenofossils originated from ongoing research into the future of climate, artificial coral reefs and post-natural landscapes. The sculpture represents a speculative future in which remnants of human attempts to cope with the climate crisis remain. The ceramic 3D print reveals a truth built from reconstructed pieces of coral and questions the dualities in man’s understanding of nature and culture.

In collaboration with Funda Baysal, with special thanks to Tetem.
Spectrum of Parhelion by Weronika Uyar
Spectrum of Parhelion, is inspired by the natural light phenomena questioning perception and the human color spectrum. It invites the audience to investigate the construction blocks of an image as well as natural formations around us. We believe that the gaze we have at things is the true image, however looking from a distance we have a pareidolic view in a search of patterns, meanings.
Pigments & Vahria by Darien Brito
Pigments is an exploration of colour and spatial distortion. Each instance is an abstract representation aimed at evoking a micro or macro-environment; from unknown substances, or oil in a canvas, to nebular formations. The pieces are created with code and generated in real-time, with infinite output.

"Vahria" - generative art

Vahria is an inquiry into the breaking points between two and three dimensions. Using spheres Brito attempts to create a tension between flatness and depth. Regular bodies become distorted blobs and circles. Occasionally, triangles are revealed, which are fundamental units in computer graphics.
TOTEM by Beer van Geer & Julie de Ruijter (Studio POCA)
"TOTEM" by Beer van Heer & Studio POCA

For this collaborative project by Julie de Ruijter (Studio POCA) & Beer van Geer, the artists study the rhythm of the human heart. Our heart rhythm is unique and at the same time reflects our continuously transforming nature; our emotions, feeling and connection to our environment and natural rhythms.

Through a combination of digital techniques and intuitive drawings, the artists have converted 16 unique rhythms of their loved ones into personal totems. Together, the totems form a tribe, which will be expanded in the coming years. As a visitor you can also have a totem made of your heart rhythm. Behind every rhythm is a story, what is your story?
Alice in Wonderland, Royal Blue & Orange Orange by Celia Hadeler
Alice in Wonderland by Celia Hadeler

Alice in Wonderland showcases a world of transformation and fantasy. What is reality and what is perception? These pink curtains demonstrate that nothing is quite what it seems. Get lost in a dream just like Alice.

Royal Blue by Celia Hadeler

Royal blue is a petrol-like shade that accentuates the voluptuous and pompous qualities of the drapes. The falling folds radiate calmness and serenity.

Orange Orange by Celia Hadeler

Hadeler’s piece Orange Orange screams colour. The fabric emanates a rich and magnetic energy that captivates the viewer.