RSIN/Tax Identification Number

Chamber of Commerce number

c/o Kranenburgweg 203
2583 ER The Hague
The Netherlands

Postal Address
PO Box 11543
2502 AM The Hague
The Netherlands

T +31(0)70 88 00 300

The foundation’s primary purpose is:

  • to promote the realisation and organisation of events of general cultural interest, the performance of which shall mainly occur inside the theatre complex;

Composition of the Board
The foundation has a managing director (Jan Zoet), who is also director under the articles of association, and a Supervisory Council.

Supervisory Board
Mr J.H.A.S. Biesheuvel, chair
Mr M. Ramlal, secretary
Mw. Drs. E.A. Bien, member
Mw. Drs. H.I.P. Oppatja, member
Dhr. Drs. P.M.M. Heijnen, member

Remuneration Policy
The director is remunerated in accordance with the Cao Nederlandse Podia (Collective Employment Agreement for Dutch Stage Venues) and the Richtlijn Bezoldiging Directeuren (Guideline for the Remuneration of Directors). All members of the Supervisory Board perform their duties without remuneration. The remaining staff is covered by the Cao Nederlandse Podia.


Amare, formerly Stichting Dans- en Muziekcentrum en Zuiderstrandtheater
Curator of Amare. Cultural entrepreneur. Responsible and unifying.

Stichting Amare manages the building and organises the programming. It fulfils the role of the spider in the web of all residents of the Amare building, the neighbours on Spuiplein and the wider cultural field. Acting in this role, Amare seeks to cultivate its bond with and roots in the city of The Hague. Amare strives to reach all of the city’s communities by offering a high-quality programme of education, performances, projects and festivals, as well as events in the building’s public areas. Amare brings dance, music, musical theatre and community art of international allure to a wide audience. Amare’s partners are the cultural centre’s permanent residents: Residentie Orkest The Hague, Nederlands Dans Theater and the Royal Conservatoire.

Download: Annual rapport Zuiderstrandtheater/Stichting DMC 2020 (in Dutch)

Download: Policy plan Amare 2021-2024 (in Dutch)

Download: Standaardformulier Publicatieplicht ANBI Algemeen (in Dutch)


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