The Dire Straits Experience

Shiver in the Dark World Tour
Wed 20 Nov
Wed 20 Nov ’24
  • Wed 20 Nov ’24
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  • Wed 20 Nov ’24
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For the enormous host of loyal fans, it felt like the end of the world when Dire Straits stopped performing in 1995. But thanks to those same passionate fans, the music of the wildly popular rock band is more alive than ever before. The demand for songs from the musical universe that Dire Straits left behind is still as strong as ever, even among younger generations.

From the first note that leaves his lips, from the first stroke of his fingers across the guitar strings, you know he is doing the impossible. Terence Reis is bringing Dire Straits all the way back.

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The Dire Straits Experience answers that call. Dire Straits band member Chris White and six world-class musicians perform the gems from the original repertoire, Sultans of Swing, Money for Nothing, Private Investigations and many more, - the legend lives on! The band is seen worldwide as the best since Dire Straits. You won't find anything closer to the real deal.

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