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007 in Amare

Op dinsdag 29 november was het dan eindelijk zo ver. De avond stond bij Amare helemaal in het teken van James Bond, de MI6-agent van het witte doek. De meeste mensen zullen James Bond natuurlijk al ke…

The beauty of spiritual music through the prism of the Festival Sacred Songs

During October and November, we celebrate Festival Sacred Songs! In this article we look back on the beautiful opening of this spiritual festival.

Listen to the podcast Knock-Out

  De turboslapstick voorstelling Knock-Out is op 12 en 13 november in Amare te zien. Deze voorstelling, vol actie, martial arts, dans en acrobatiek is een bloedstollende ode aan de actiefilm. Luister …

This new exhibition questions issues of unregulated migration

The new exhibition (UN)DOCUMENTED MIGRATION by the MA Photography & Society students (KABK) explores themes of unregulated migration, focusing particularly on migration from Mexico to the United States.

The Rite of Spring: once vilified, now celebrated

Something peculiar is going on with Le Sacre du Printemps. The composition never seems to age. Even though it was written over a century ago, the music still sounds current and lively today.

A brief history of opera

Immensely overweight sopranos gesticulating wildly as they shatter wineglasses with sheer vocal power: when it comes to opera, the stereotypes are larger than life. Many also find its pompous and elitist character off-putting, which is a pity: once you get past your initial scepticism, you’ll find a magical world just waiting to be discovered.

Festival De Betovering

De nachten worden langer, de dagen worden korter en de zon maakt plaats voor wind en regenbuien. Met andere woorden: het is weer herfstvakantie! En die vakantie draait bij Amare om Festival de Betover…

All about Diwali, the festival of lights

On 23 October, Amare celebrates Diwali, one of the most important Hindu festivals. This article takes a closer look at the origin and celebration of Diwali, or the Festival of Lights.