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Today 15:00 Tribute to Schumann
Quirine Viersen, Ella van Poucke e.a.
Tomorrow 12:30 Gratis lunchconcert met prijswinnaars Prinses Christina Concours
Viride Kwartet
Tomorrow 13:00 Festival De Betovering Workshop Bolistas (8+)
met o.a. Nasser El Jackson
Tomorrow 14:30 Festival De Betovering Workshop Bolistas (8+)
met o.a. Nasser El Jackson
Tomorrow 15:00 Guided tours in Amare
Dutch Spoken
Tomorrow 16:00 Festival de Betovering Pareidolia (5+)
La Llave Maestra
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More about Amare

Duurzaamheid in Amare

Toewerkend naar de officiële opening is Amare op verschillende manieren duurzaam en maatschappelijk verantwoord aan het ondernemen. Lees meer over wat wij doen op dit gebied.

We present our first Wij Den Haag Journaal!

Dozens of creative professionals, performers, amateur musicians and city residents are currently working toward Amare’s Open Festival. Wij Den Haag Journaal is closely following all the developments, criss-cross around the city of The Hague.

Jeugd- en familievoorstellingen beleef je in Amare!

Niets is mooier dan samen onvergetelijke herinneringen maken. Dat kan bij Amare! Bij ons is iedereen welkom om, misschien wel voor de eerste keer, in aanraking te komen met theater.

Meer dans in Amare met Fonds Internationale Dans

Dansorganisaties in Den Haag bundelen de krachten voor meer internationale dans in Amare

Open House revisited

Last weekend we were able to welcome over 5000 visitors to Amare! Even though the building is not entirely finished on the inside, you came in great numbers to have a look and get a feel. 

Royal Couple attends the festive handover of Amare

On Thursday evening, 2 September, Amare had some very special visitors! His Royal Highness King Willem-Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Máxima attended the festive handover of Amare.

Amare: the facts

In August and September 2021, Zuiderstrandtheater, Residentie Orkest The Hague and Nederlands Dans Theater will move to the heart of the city. The Royal Conservatoire will follow in the beginning of 2022. Amare will be a place for encounters, reflections and new discoveries.

A safe visit to the theatre

In the current times the health and safety of our visitors, staff and performers remains our number one concern. Read more about COVID-19 measures concerning your visit to Amare or Nieuwe Kerk.

Amare in het nieuws

Wat staat er nu allemaal te gebeuren in Amare de komende maanden? Sinds de start van onze tweede introductiecampagne en in aanloop naar het Open Huis, werd hier in augustus volop over gepraat en geschreven. We hebben een aantal artikelen op een rijtje gezet.

I am Amare: Behind the Shoot

On August 16, the second part of our introduction campaign has started. With four new portraits we provide a cheerful cross-section of the artists, musicians and students who will soon live in Amare. 

Jan Zoet vertelt over Amare op Radio 4

Nog één maand te gaan en dan is er voor het eerst publiek welkom in Amare. Directeur Jan Zoet vertelt in een interview op Radio 4 wat er allemaal staat te gebeuren.

MEYER-CHAFFAUD looking for paticipants in performance

MEYER-CHAFFAUD is looking for 50 enthusiastic amateurs who want to participate in the performance Body Landscape during the opening weekend of Amare on 19 and 20 November.

Terugblik Februari Festival 2021

Afgelopen week stond het Februari Festival in het teken van Camille Saint-Saëns, met 12 concerten verspreid over vijf dagen in de Nieuwe Kerk. Bekijk hier de foto's!

Video: the interior design of Amare

Amare consists of so much more than four large halls: the spaces in between will also have their own look and feel. We owe this to a passionate team of architects and interior designers. Watch and discover how they envision Amare.

Amare Podcast: inclusivity means...

Amare aspires to be a platform of, for and by the city of The Hague. But how do you achieve this, as a theatre? And how do you define the concept of ‘inclusivity’? In this podcast series, experts will discuss these themes, with Paula Udondek as host. The podcast is in Dutch.

Inzoomen op het veelbewogen leven van Camille Saint-Saëns

De vierde editie van het Februari Festival staat voor de deur! Met deze keer een hoofdrol voor de Franse componist Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921). Corné Ran, programmeur klassieke muziek, praat je bij over deze markante componist en zijn muziek.

Herbs Hospitality wordt horecapartner Amare

Herbs Hospitality gaat de inrichting van restaurants en catering in Amare op zich nemen. Herbs Hospitality is een nieuwe naam in de Haagse horeca, maar de ondernemers in deze samenwerking hebben de afgelopen 20 jaar hun sporen in de branche al verdiend. 

Ik ben Amare: Behind the Shoot

On June 15, we launched our introduction campaign to draw attention to Amare. Watch the scenes from 'behind the shoot'.

In action with Leontien Wiering

It was an eventful year for Zuiderstrandtheater and Amare. Business director Leontien Wiering offers us a peek behind the scenes. “We are embarking on a wholly new adventure together.” A personal conversation about movement, inspiration and perseverance.

Februari Festival 2021 gaat door!

Van 30 juni t/m 4 juli viert het Februari Festival alsnog de vierde editie, met een hoofdrol voor de Franse componist Camille Saint-Saëns. Nederlandse musici van wereldklasse delen samen het podium met aanstormend talent en internationale ensembles in de Nieuwe Kerk.

Bespreekbureau in Nieuwe Kerk

Vanaf  15 juni is het Bespreekbureau voor Amare en de Nieuwe Kerk in de Nieuwe Kerk, Spui 175, tegenover Amare gevestigd. 

Looking ahead to the 2021-2022 programme

In the coming season we will be transporting our solid roots in music and dance from the Zuiderstrandtheater back to the city. In addition, at Amare we will embrace opera, music theatre, entertainment shows, cabaret and circus. 

Interview met Simone Lamsma

Topvioliste Simone Lamsma is komend seizoen artist in residence bij Amare, het Residentie Orkest en Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag. Ronald Touw, violist van het Residentie Orkest, sprak met haar over de residency, de lockdown en haar prachtige Stradivarius-viool. 

Jan Zoet: ‘An unexpected and overwhelming farewell’

On 14 May, more than 600 visitors had an unforgettable evening during one of the so-called Fieldlabs as the Residentie Orkest performed in the Zuiderstrandtheater. As Director Jan Zoet says, ‘The long and heart-warming applause told many stories.’

On the building site: the last update...

This month, Bouwcombinatie Cadanz shares its last update about what happens at the building site of Amare on Spuiplein.

Sneak peeks

Every now and then, we get to take a peek inside the beautiful building on Spuiplein. It would be a shame not to share the pictures!

Looking ahead with Geesje Prins, head of programming

What can we expect to see on Amare’s stages after it opens? Head of programming Geesje Prins and her colleagues are already working hard to prepare the programme from September 2021 on.

Stichting Amare’s Supervisory Council at full strength once again

Three new, highly qualified members joined the Supervisory Council of Stichting Amare in January 2021. 

A chat with director Jan Zoet

In September 2021, Amare will open its doors: a new cultural centre on Spui in The Hague. With four grand halls and a surface area of seven and a half football fields, it promises to be the ultimate place to experience theatre, dance, concerts and other outstanding performing arts. 

Your business event in Amare

With 4 halls with unique atmospheres and characters, 8 lobbies, 2 restaurants and a conference centre, The Hague will soon have a convention and event centre with national and international allure.  

Amare through the eyes of Thomas Offermans

It’s been more than five years since architect Thomas Offermans sat down at the table with NOAHH, on behalf of Jo Coenen Architects & Urbanists, to bring Amare into being. “Now, we finally get to see everything we thought about back then.”

Exploring the corporate options with Diederick van Eeden

With four large halls and facilities, Amare will be a world class centre for events, corporate meetings and conventions. We looked up Diederick van Eeden, manager of business events, to hear about the many options that Amare will offer.


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