Meet the artists behind the Uit Het Gareel pop-up exhibition

Uit Het Gareel in Amare

Uit Het Gareel is an initiative from The Hague that brings art and music together in their favorite places in the city with the aim of offering emerging talents a stage and introducing (young) new people to the local next generation. Due to their large network of artists and creatives from The Hague, you will be surprised with an innovative program during every event. Amare has invited Uit Het Gareel to organize a pop-up exhibition during Museum Night. Amare’s Kunstenplein will become the cultural heart of the building where art by artists from The Hague like Anna Nunes, Beer van Geer and Studio Poca can be admired. This exhibition is curated by Julie de Ruijter.


A theatre symbolises imagination and connection. It’s a place for coming together, where dramatic drapes open a path to a new world. As the lines between reality and imagination blur, walls are broken down and spaces are created. These spaces nourish new ideas, fantasies and realities. The exhibition ‘Alternative Realities’ by Uit Het Gareel showcases art work by a diverse group of young artists. The art pieces open a door to an alternative reality, from new perspectives and alternative conceptions of community to digitally altered realities and contemporary rituals. Stroll across Amare’s Kunstenplein from Saturday 8 October to Sunday 16 October and take a dive into a world of pure imagination.

Meet the artists

Anna Nunes
Anna Nunes translates in paintings her experiences while living and working with indigenous communities during a forest conservation project in the Boé region (West Africa). Anna paints her memories to show that things can be different from what we are used to. Life in indigenous communities has shown her that it is possible to have a sense of community. Through her paintings, Anna shows the viewer this world. A world with care and attention for each other, intensive involvement and the awareness that we are responsible for each other and that we function better together than alone. Through her paintings, Anna continues to dedicate herself and others to that awareness, to those people, to honour the collective and to show others that a connected society is possible.
Beer van Geer en Studio POCA
As a collaborative project, Julie de Ruijter (Studio POCA) & Beer van Geer study the rythm of the human heart. Our heart rhythm is unique and at the same time reflects our continuously transforming nature; our emotions, our feelings, and our connection to our environment and our natural rhythms.

Through a combination of digital techniques and intuitive drawings, the artists have converted 16 unique rhythms of their loved ones into personal totems. Together, the totems form a tribe, which will be expanded in the coming years. As a visitor you can also have a totem made of your heart rhythm. Behind every rhythm is a story, what is your story?
Celia Hadeler
Celia Hadeler’s work consists of contradictions and contrasts. This contemporary artist is fascinated by folds and wrinkles, and likes to combine old and new techniques. In her series Folds she presents wall hangings in which the folds and wrinkles have been magnified. Through the use of the ‘trompe l’oeil’* effect, the works seem to be three-dimensional, thereby confusing the viewer’s gaze. All the wall hangings have an irregular outline, which further emphasises the shape of the fold.

Celia is an artist based in The Hague with Peruvian and German roots.
Erik Peters
Erik Peters (he/they) is an interdisciplinary artist and designer engaging with the worldbuilding potentialities seeded in the act of storytelling, uncovering how speculative fi ction can germinate new universes of being. Their research-based and collaborative practice is situated in an interdependent web of ecologies and technologies, human and non-human beings.

Within their work, queer methodologies and mythologies are evoked to create multidisciplinary scenarios about possible futures; imaginative worlds staged as spatial and interactive installations, workshops, publications and audiovisual works. They frequently work with materials and techniques such as generative artifi cial intelligence, ceramics, 3d printing and photogrammetry methods.
Darien Brito
Darien Brito (1987) is a creative coder and audiovisual artist. He was born in Quito, Ecuador, and is currently based in The Hague, The Netherlands. He holds a BA from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in music composition, and an MA from the Institute of Sonology. He is self-taught as a visual artist.

Darien has created works for many different formats, from instrumental and electronic music to installations and digital art. He has shown his work in numerous events worldwide, most recently at the Venice Biennale 2022
Weronika Uyar
Weronika Uyar is a Polish and Turkish graphic designer / visual artist focusing on the topics of fluidity, phenomena, color spectrum, illusions and dynamics. She works through divergent mediums keeping the raw energy and appeal of colors a visual priority.

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