Who is who?

Managing board
Jan Zoet
Leontien Wiering

Technics Team
Hugo van Hulst (head of the department), Arjen Bijtelaar, Paddy Dawson, Alex van Doesburg, Steve de Groot, Gijs Hietkamp, Jordy Oostrik, Henry Ouwens, Peter Röge, Erik Schurman, Evert Smit, Robert Streefland, Marco Tiessens, Arno Wijnberg, Sandra Wubs

Business events
Diederick van Eeden (head of the department), Joyce Griep - Tonnon, Leonie Smit

Programming & planning
Geesje Prins (head of the department), Judy Albin, Joost Heijthuijsen, Corné Ran, Melissa Tepper

Mieke Beljaarts (head of the department), Beleke Bagchus, Frerick den Haan, Henny van Haelen, Ilonka Kolthof, Carlijn Stortelder, Jorinde Vroonhof

Irene Kovács (head of the department), Fauve Kyll

Office manager
Benjamin Geurts

Building & facilities management
Albert Zwarts (head of the department), John van Dam, Marianne Havermans, Sander den Heijer, Amir Shahali, Charles Vermond

Finance & administration
Sadhana Boedhoe, Karin Dingerdis, Eline Moormann, Lia Steijn

Brasserie & hospitality
Blaise van de Griend (head of the department), Said el Hamouti, Mike Kokken, Samantha Nieuwpoort, Laura van Seggelen

Box office
Marleen Reijnen (head of the department), Zoheb Jahangier, Rebeca van Koert, Julian van Lith, Stephen Mooibroek, Rita Pas, Ingrid Snoei

Front desk
Sophia Boeschoten, Anne Ceulemans, Marioleine Hendriks, Paula Koopman, Melissa Meijssen, Kitty Rolink

Angela Plijter

Projectsecretariat Amare
Peter Hendrikx


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