Eefje de Visser's show was a masterpiece

She makes beautiful records that convert very well to the ambiance of a live performance, and her fourth album, Bitterzoet (2020), received rave reviews. She has been touring throughout the country and beyond, and on Wednesday 22 June Eefje de Visser graced the stage in Amare, with Roufaida as her supporting act.

Eefje’s tour features both older and her latest music, including her new single Zwarte Zon. She demonstrated at Pinkpop festival how her shows are carefully wrought to seamlessly combine music, looks and light. In Amare’s Concertzaal, too, the interplay between image and sound was outstanding. Sometimes bathing in warm red, sometimes standing stark in an ominous dark light, Eefje managed to enchant her audience from start to finish.

The support act was provided by Roufaida, whose warm narrative voice takes the audience on captivating journeys of the North African diaspora.

Pop concerts in Amare are held in the Concertzaal. The programming and implementation are conducted jointly with The Hague’s pop music venue PAARD. Eefje de Visser’s concert in the Concertzaal was preceded by DI-RECT and Marina, and other major names such as Balthazar and The Zombies will follow later this year.

Photography: © Jack Parker


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