Amare Member Club

As a Member, you get to enjoy the best of what Amare has to offer. You are assured of stylish evenings and can count on being pampered from the very start. You will enjoy splendid performances of the highest quality, are invited to exclusive events, and can visit all sorts of hidden places behind the scenes. In short: you will discover and experience our cultural venue in a unique way. 

Membership of the Amare Member Club means joining Amare’s corporate platform and supporting our ability to offer exceptional programmes to the city of The Hague. 

Membership of the Amare Member Club entitles you to a number of special privileges, such as: 

  • Your company name listed on the Amare website;
  • 16 (top-class) tickets to Amare’s in-house programming including an Amare Member Club reception with complimentary refreshments;
  • 3 invitations for two people to an Amare Members Night;
  • Discounts on the rental of halls and meeting space in Amare;
  • Use of the Amare Member Club app

Corporate Membership

A Corporate membership of the Amare Member Club costs € 5000 per annum (VAT exclusive). 

Amare has enriched the city of The Hague with an outstanding cultural venue. Join the Amare Member Club, enjoy unique evenings out, and make an indispensable contribution to the most beautiful cultural complex in the Netherlands! 

Are you interested in seeing your company become a member of Amare? We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. 

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