A Midsummer Night's Dream - Britten

Opera Zuid
Sat 18 Jun 19:30 - 22:00
Sat 18 Jun '22
19:30 - 22:00
  • Sat 18 Jun '22
    19:30 - 22:00
    Past event

Benjamin Britten wrote the magical opera A Midsummer Night’s Dream, after Shakespeare’s romantic comedy. Director Ola Mafaalani discovers the sensuality in this score and pulls all the stops.

Between dusk and dawn, Fairy king Oberon’s kingdom turns into a playground of love. With a drop of a magical love potion, Oberon intervenes in the love life of his subjects and wife Titania. Infatuation, infidelity, ecstasy, sadness and reconciliation roam the night.

The theater of Mafaalani is a feast for the five senses. Not only is there a focus on sight and sound but also touch, smell and taste are treated. According to Mafalaani, also called the empress of theatrical fantasy, opera has the capability to depict all sensory experiences. “The children’s choir doesn’t just come up and sing, they also bake and cook while singing. When you see those children at work, you experience that full unconditional love for everything around you again. It is my goal to let A Midsummer Night’s Dream become your own love affair.”

Ola Mafaalani, who makes her debut at Opera Zuid with this production, sees this opera as a testimonial of how cruel we can be in the name of love. “You can make your partner’s life hell and still say ‘I love you’. But these words carry an obligation. That applies to all your relationships.”

The opera is performed in English with Dutch and English subtitles.

Together with a top cast of mainly Dutch and British soloists, special guests chef André Amaro and aerial artist Dreya Weber (well-known for working with P!nk), Mafaalani and acclaimed musical director Karel Deseure will embark on a sultry midsummer night, with the aim of enchanting the audience.

The opera is performed in English with Dutch and English subtitles.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a co-production with Female Economy. In collaboration with Amaro Creative Industries and philharmonie zuidnederland.

Jan Wouters  - Oberon
Kristina Bitenc - Titania
Dreya Weber - Puck
Quirijn de Lang - Theseus
Eva Kroon - Hippolyta
Ted Black - Lysander
Ed Ballard - Demetrius
Leonie van Rheden - Hermia
Liesbeth Devos - Helena
Marc Pantus - Bottom
Christopher Gillett - Flute
Bart Driessen - Quince
Andrew Greenan - Snug
Mitch Raemaekers - Snout
Galen Dole - Starveling
Mona Beyersdorf  - Cobweb
Margarita Dudčaka - Peaseblossom
Maria Kazaka - Mustardseed
Jeske de Haart - Moth
Limburgse Koorschool  - Fairies
André Amaro - Chef

Ola Mafaalani - Direction
Karel Deseure - Musical Direction
Andre Joosten - Decor design
Floriaan Ganzevoort - Lighting design
Willem Bruls - Dramaturg
Regine Standfuss - Costume design

philharmonie zuidnederland