Your business event in Amare

Want to organise an event in a unique venue that inspires and moves your guests? Look no further than the bustling Amare! As a daily crossroads of performers, resident companies, students and guests attending public programmes as well as business events, Amare is the perfect space for creative encounters and new ideas.

We can offer all sorts of flavours, sounds and rhythms for your event. If you want to go grand, reserving two theatre halls will let you accommodate up to 2,700 guests. Our meeting centre is perfectly sized for small events and conventions up to 250 persons. And with 4 different lobbies and multiple reception rooms and studios, there are ample opportunities for you to organise your event exactly as you envision it.

Amare stands for hospitality and excellent customer service, combined with the conscious mindset one may expect of the Netherlands’ most sustainable performing arts venue.

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What are you organizing?

Because Amare has a diverse number of halls, lobbies and conference rooms, it offers possibilities for many different types of events. Are you planning a big convention or an intimate dinner? Everything is possible in Amare.

The halls

With more than 8 halls under one roof, Amare offers you the opportunity to go big.


Amare is the most sustainable performing arts complex in the Netherlands, as the building was constructed using the latest sustainability principles:

  • 4000 m2 of solar panels
  • Rainwater-flushed toilets
  • Temperature regulation using geothermal energy
  • 50 nesting boxes for various species of birds incorporated in the facade
  • 28 built-in bat boxes

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Curious? Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. We are happy to think along and make your event the success you have in mind.

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