Frequently asked questions and house rules

What is there to do in Amare?

What can you do in Amare?
Amare offers wonderful music and dance performances and serves as a home for all the residents of The Hague.  In an increasingly diverse city and society, Amare aims to be a reflection of the city's residents. You can see the world’s best performances here, but also exciting local initiatives in diverse areas.

Which organisations are part of Amare?
Amare is a home for the performing arts and accommodates four organisations: Stichting Amare (previously Zuiderstrandtheater), the Royal Conservatoire, Nederlands Dans Theater and Residentie Orkest Den Haag.

What’s there to eat and drink in Amare?
Amare includes two catering establishments. On the third floor you will find the Stadskantine, serving coffee, lunch and daily menus all day for you to enjoy in the company of Amare’s musicians, dancers, students and staff. Brasserie Amare can be found on the ground floor, at the building’s Spui entrance, and also serves coffee, lunch and dinner. Read more about the catering establishments in Amare >

What can I do myself in Amare?

Can I work in Amare? 
Job openings in Amare can be viewed here.

Can I come for a guided tour in Amare?
We are organising guided tours on the Saturdays. You can check this page to order your tickets.

I want to organise a business event in Amare. What are my options?
Since mid-2021, Amare is the new theatre and convention centre in the Netherlands. With two large theatre halls as well as a more intimate hall, Amare can easily host conventions and events for up to 2700 visitors. In combination with 4 different foyers and 7 meeting rooms, Amare offers a wide and diverse range of possibilities for any business event. And with The Hague City Hall and state ministries located in the direct vicinity, Amare also offers an ideal venue for government-related conferences.  More information about organising business events in Amare >

I want to organise a festive event in Amare. What are my options?
Amare is also a good place for receptions or other festive events. How about a dinner on the Theaterzaal’s stage, for example, where we can set tables for up to 500 guests? More information about organising festive events in Amare >

About the building

Which architect designed Amare?
The architects Patrick Fransen (NOAHH) and Jo Coenen (JCAU) designed the building in collaboration with NL Architects. Construction consortium Cadanz (Boele & van Eesteren | Visser & Smit Bouw) has built the complex. The building is very sustainable: among other things, the roof has 4000 m­2 of solar panels, and the temperature will be regulated using geothermal energy. Read more about sustainability in Amare >

How was the construction of Amare realised?
The construction of Amare is the culmination of eight years of planning. An earlier plan for a cultural building (based on a design by Neutelings Riedijk Architecten), which would have been named Spuiforum, was cancelled in 2014. The current plan was presented in 2015, and construction began in 2017. To make space for the new building, the Dr Anton Philipszaal and Lucent Danstheater were demolished, and Zuiderstrandtheater was built as a temporary theatre near Scheveningen Harbour. Read more about how Amare came to be >

Who is the owner of Amare?
Amare was constructed at the commission of the City of The Hague (Gemeente Den Haag). Gemeente Den Haag also owns the building. The main tenant of the building is Stichting Amare, with Nederlands Dans Theater, the Residentie Orkest and the Royal Conservatoire as subtenants.

Ticket sales

I bought tickets, but have not received an email. What should I do?
It is important to click “Complete” after your online payment. Once your payment has been completed successfully, you will receive your tickets within a few minutes. If you have not received any emails from us (neither a confirmation message nor your tickets), please check your spam and junk folders as well as any other folders that unsolicited messages may be filtered to.

I have not yet received the tickets I ordered online. What should I do?
When you order e-tickets, you should receive them within a few minutes. If this is not the case, please contact our booking office so that we can resend them to you.

If you have not yet received your tickets on the day of the performance, you can pick up your tickets from the booking office at the theatre in question by showing the confirmation email you received. The booking office opens 60 minutes before the performance starts.

Can I select my seats for the performances and concerts on sale now? 
That depends on the concert or performance. All events scheduled before 19 November are without assigned seating. This is on account of the ongoing uncertainty regarding COVID-19 measures (and the permitted number of visitors). Events scheduled after 19 November are generally with assigned seating, except for pop music concerts. 

Can I see the floor plans of Amare’s halls? 
Yes you can, please go here.

How do I order tickets using a  promotional code?
If a promotional code is available for a performance or concert, your shopping basket will include an input field in which you can enter the code. When selecting seats, choose the appropriate price type. If ordering through our booking office, read out the code to our ticket assistant.

Tickets by post
If you prefer to have your tickets sent to you by post, we charge a fee of €3.50 per order. You can choose to receive your tickets by email (e-tickets) or have them sent to your home address during the ordering process. 

Can I pay by credit card?
When buying tickets online you can pay using iDeal, the Podium Cadeaukaart, a credit card and/or vouchers. This is also possible at the booking office or when ordering by telephone.

How do I redeem my Amare voucher online?
When purchasing tickets, select voucher as the payment method and enter the code provided on your voucher.

How do I redeem my Podium Cadeaukaart?
After reserving tickets online, you can select the Podium Cadeaukaart as the payment method. Enter the card number and your pin code, and if applicable pay any remaining costs using a different payment method. You will receive an email from us containing a payment link. Choose Podium Cadeaukaart as your payment method. NB: when ordering tickets online, you can only use one Podium Cadeaukaart per order. Redeeming several cards at once is only possible via the booking office.

I have a Theaterbon or Concertbon. Can I redeem it online?
The paper Theaterbon and Concertbon (the predecessors of the Podium Cadeaukaart) can only be redeemed by telephone or at the booking office. Please refer to the booking office opening hours.

Nationale Kunst & Cultuurkaart
Unfortunately, you cannot redeem the 'Nationale Kunst & Cultuurkaart' in Amare and Nieuwe Kerk.

Can I print my e-tickets?
You can show your e-tickets on your smartphone at the door. We try to discourage from printing e-tickets out on paper because of environmental reasons. Don't own a smart phone? Download the tickets as a PDF to print them out. Through the QR-code on your ticket, staff can scan your ticket upon arrival.

Can you scan my ticket from my smartphone?
We are able to scan your ticket from your smartphone. Preferably this should be a mobile ticket, but a clear barcode or QR code in a PDF file is also acceptable. Please make sure that your phone’s screen brightness is set to maximum and that you can easily swipe between your various tickets. And don’t forget to turn down the brightness afterwards.

I have lost my tickets. What should I do?
If you have lost your tickets, you can call our booking office during opening hours to receive copies of your tickets. If the booking office is closed, you can have your tickets printed out at the booking office starting from one hour before the performance or concert.

Can I reserve tickets and pay for them later?
Reserving tickets by telephone is subject to a €2 reservation fee per order. Reserved tickets must be picked up and paid for at the booking office within two weeks. Tickets reserved by telephone can also be paid for by iDeal or credit card. In that case, you will receive your tickets by email. This service is free of charge. However, please note that the payment must be made within fourteen days, otherwise your reservation will be cancelled.

How do I order tickets for a free concert or performance?
It is also important to buy a ticket for a free concert or performance, so that you have reserved your spot. You can order free tickets just as you would do with a paid performance. You first choose your seat and then click on 'make payment'. You will then receive your e-ticket without requiring any payment.


Amare and Nieuwe Kerk are easily accessible by public transportation, car, foot and bicycle. There are bus and tram stops in front of the theatre and the train station is within walking distance. Various parking garages are located in the vicinity of Amare (Turfmarkt, Stadhuis and Veerkaden, among others).

Reserving a wheelchair space
Amare is suitable for disabled persons. In addition to escalator facilities, the building has various lifts, and the halls are wheelchair-friendly. Please do call our booking office in advance at +31 (0)70 88 00 333 (Tue – Fri from 13.00 to 18.00).

How accessible are the seats in the hall for disabled persons?
If you have any questions about accessibility for disabled persons, we recommend calling our booking office at +31 (0)70 88 00 333 (Tue – Fri from 13.00 to 18.00). Our staff are familiar with the halls and are happy to discuss the possibilities for each performance with you.

Please keep in mind that there is still a lot of building site around Amare on Spuiplein. There are no disabled parking spaces at Amare.

Are there facilities for the hearing impaired?
The Danstheater and Concertzaal will soon have an advanced UHF stereo system for the hearing impaired. This system can be used by plugging a pair of stereo headphones into the output by your seat. Headphones can be obtained from the information desk for free.

Nieuwe Kerk does not have a support system for the hearing impaired.

Are there seats for the visually impaired?
Each performance offers a number of tickets for the visually impaired. Please contact our booking office (sufficiently ahead of time!) at +31 (0)70 88 00 333 to reserve a suitable seat. The booking office is open from Tuesday to Friday between 13.00 and 18.00.

If you require help upon arrival or before the start of the performance, please notify us of this when reserving your tickets. We will ensure that someone is ready to help you.

Trained assistance dogs are permitted in most cases. We do request that you inform us in advance if you intend to bring an assistance dog.

Nieuwe Kerk
Nieuwe Kerk is accessible for disabled persons. The church is a ground-floor venue, so wheelchair and walking frame users can attend concerts without any issues. Disabled persons attending a concert in Nieuwe Kerk can report to the manager upon arrival, who can instruct a volunteer to provide assistance.

Lobby (Nieuwe Kerk)
The lobby in Nieuwe Kerk is downstairs, and can be reached by stair lift. If you prefer to remain in the hall during the interlude, we can also ask a volunteer to get a drink for you.  The hall opens approximately 30 minutes before the start of the concert, and the space in front of the hall on the ground floor is very limited. We therefore kindly request that you do not arrive too early if you do not wish to wait in the downstairs lobby.

Accessible toilets (Nieuwe Kerk)
An accessible toilet is available in the artists’ dressing rooms (behind the pulpit). A volunteer can guide you there.

Parking (Nieuwe Kerk)
Nieuwe Kerk does not have accessible parking spaces. The closest parking facilities are the parking garages Q-Park Veerkaden and Spui. Read more about how to get to Nieuwe Kerk >

Hearing impaired (Nieuwe Kerk)
Nieuwe Kerk does not have a support system for the hearing impaired.

Assistance dogs (Nieuwe Kerk)
If you are attending with a trained assistance dog, please contact us in advance so that we can reserve a place for your dog in the aisle.

Practical information

Can I connect to WiFi in Amare?
Yes, you can connect securely and free of charge to publicroam. You only have to sign in once. Download the app via or go to for more information.

Can I make recordings at a show or concert?
Photography and other forms of recording are prohibited during the performance. You are permitted to take photos during the final applause.

Can I pay cash?
We only accept payments by card. This means it is not possible to pay cash for tickets at the booking office or for drinks at the bar. Our payment terminals accept normal and contactless payments by debit card or credit card. Our Pin Only policy enables safer, quicker payments.

How late does the performance end?
As soon as we know what the end time of a concert or performance will be, we will report this on the relevant website page. The end time is also noted in the service email that you receive at least one day before the performance. Please note that the end time is always an estimate and does not include the closing applause or any encores.

At what time do the doors of the lobby open?
In Amare and Nieuwe Kerk, the doors of the lobby will open 60 minutes before the show. Please be there on time, but do not arrive too early! That way, you avoid having to wait outside (in the cold).

I am late for the performance. Can I still enter?
Unfortunately, we cannot allow latecomers, because this disturbs the other visitors and the artists. When there is a break, you can enter the hall after the break. You are not entitled to a refund, because unfortunately your places have remained empty.

An exception applies to pop concerts that are organized as a standing concert in the Concertzaal. This will be clearly stated in the email you receive prior to the concert.

Safety in Amare
If you experience an unsafe situation in our building, our employees are happy to help you. In the halls you will recognize our hosts by their black clothing with a gold brooch in the shape of an 'a'. You can give them a heads up and if necessary, they will contact our security. In the foyers, you can speak to our visitor supporters, floor managers or security guards.

Lockers at the cloakroom 
Avoid waiting at the cloakroom. Did you know that you can store your coat and bag in our lockers? You can find the lockers at the cloakroom. You do not need coins or a debit card. You can open and close your locker with a 4-digit code of your choice (you can use your birth year or postal code). You will find extensive instructions at the lockers. 
The measurements for the lockers are 46L x 29W x 28H.

May I keep my bag when entering the hall?
That depends on the size of the bag. To be allowed inside Amare’s halls, bags must be smaller than A4 size and no thicker than 10 centimetres. Larger bags can be left at the cloakroom.

Do you have earplugs?
Yes. These are available for free at the several bars in Amare.

How loud is the sound during performances?
The performing group is responsible for the sound volume during performances. Naturally, our technical staff make sure that the volume remains within the applicable limits.

Is there a waiting list for sold-out performances?
We do not make use of waiting lists. In case of a sold out performance, we advise you to keep an eye on our website. When last minute tickets become available, you can see this on the page of the performance.

Can I attend a performance with a baby or a young child?
We advise against bringing babies and young children to the regular performances. Due to the length and content of our performances, these performances are not suited for this age group. Furthermore, young children can cause annoyance for other visitors.

Babies are allowed at youth and family performances with an age rating of 6+ or lower. Note that you must purchase a child ticket for your baby. In case of disturbance, our staff may ask you to leave the hall during the performance. Any purchased tickets cannot be refunded.

What is age rating?
For youth and family shows, we provide an age rating. This means that the content and duration of the performance is suited for children of a certain age and older. These ratings are for example 2+, 4+, 6+ or 8+, which indicates that the performance in question is suitable for children aged 2 and older, children aged 4 and older, etc.

I am attending a performance with a small child. Are booster seats available?
Amare has a large number of booster seats available so that even the smallest children can get a good view of the show.

No booster seats are available in Nieuwe Kerk.

I am attending a performance with a small child. Can I store the stroller somewhere?
Certainly! Just ask one of our cloakroom staff where you can leave your stroller.

Can I change my baby in Amare?
Yes you can, several disabled toilets in Amare are equipped with a changing station. You can find them in the following places: On the 1st floor behind the cloakroom, at the permanent bar of the Danstheater and at the back of the Spinoza Foyer. On the 2nd floor near the large toilet block in the middle. On the 3rd floor next to the Stadskantine at Foyer 3 (station side of the building).

I lost something in Amare
Did you lose something in Amare? Send us an e-mail and we will check if we have found it.

I want to stay up to date on the latest news and promotions. How can I do that?
Sign up for our newsletter and you will receive the general newsletter every month, as well as the Donderdag Deals (Thursday Deals) mailing, which offers 50% discounts on selected performances. 

Other questions

What happened with Zuiderstrandtheater?
Zuiderstrandtheater was built as a temporary theatre to replace the Dr Anton Philipszaal and Lucent Danstheater during the construction of Amare. About 75% of the Zuiderstrandtheater has been repurposed. The large hall has been moved to Oss, where it is part of the circular expansion of Theater De Lievekamp. The opening of the renovated and expanded theatre is scheduled for 2025.

Does Amare have a privacy policy?
Yes. You can find it here.

House rules


General Purpose

The purpose of these house rules is to ensure safety, order, peace and hygiene within Amare. Stichting Amare finds it important to receive visitors in a respectful, hospitable and safe manner.


The house rules are founded on the right of use and are based on civil law. Visitors who do not observe the house rules may be banned from Amare’s premises. The house rules will be enforced under criminal or civil law, for example according to Section 139 (breach of the peace), Section 266 (insult) or Section 285 (threat) of the Dutch Criminal Code, or through action arising from a wrongful act (Section 162 of Book 6 of the Dutch Civil Code).

Extent of the house rules

The house rules apply to all visitors of Amare and apply to the entirety of Amare up to and including the outer façade, including the loading bay and the private area of the bicycle parking.


Section 1 Scope

1.1 Sphere of applicability

The house rules apply to visitors within Amare, which Stichting Amare independently manages in part or in full, hereinafter referred to as “the premises”.

1.2 Special rooms

Further rules may be formulated by or on behalf of the Managing Board of Stichting Amare for special rooms, such as rooms containing gas for fire suppression or rooms with a special setup (temporary or permanent).

1.3 Powers under civil law

The house rules do not affect Stichting Amare’s civil-law powers, such as the enforcement of order during performances, conventions and other events by or on behalf of the Managing Board of Stichting Amare.


Chapter 2 Accessibility

2.1 Accessible and non-accessible rooms for visitors

Amare comprises the following rooms:

  • all rooms accessible for visitors, being the rooms whose entrances are open to visitors and are therefore in principle freely accessible (front-of-house);
  • all other rooms, being the rooms not accessible for visitors, regardless of whether any authorised (with permission) or non-authorised (without permission) visitors are present in these rooms (back-of-house).

2.2 Rooms accessible for visitors

The rooms accessible for visitors are open during the applicable business hours or at such times when special rooms are in use for public events.

2.3 Rooms not accessible for visitors

Rooms not accessible for visitors may only be accessed by:

  1. staff;
  2. external parties (such as performing parties and associated staff/suppliers/visitors) who have specifically been authorised;
  3. visitors, after reporting to the Facility Service Point (FSP) and exclusively under the supervision of a person as described in subsection a or b above. 

2.4 Public toilets

Amare contains public toilets. In consultation with Facilities Services or Management, security personnel may if necessary deny visitors access to the toilets or close the toilets.


Section 3 Non-Permitted Behaviour

3.1 Animals

Dogs and/or other animals are not permitted in Amare. However, seeing-eye dogs and other assistance dogs are allowed access.

The Managing Board may choose to derogate from the aforementioned admission ban in exceptional cases and allow dogs and/or other animals in the building or in parts of the building.

The Managing Board is authorised to revoke its decision to permit access for dogs and/or other animals, and may delegate this power to the security department.

3.2 Bicycles and other wheeled equipment

Bicycles, mopeds, vehicles, roller skates and other means of transport or wheeled equipment (for example for the performance of work or cultural and business activities) may not be brought into or used within Amare, except in the rooms designated for that purpose, such as the bicycle parking. This does not apply to necessary means of transport for disabled persons, unless these are used in a manner that may cause nuisance or danger or violate the house rules.

3.3 Alcohol

It is not permitted to visit Amare in an obvious state of inebriation.

3.4 Drugs

It is not permitted to use drugs inside Amare, or to visit Amare while under the influence of drugs.

3.5 Smoking

Pursuant to the Tobacco and Related Products Act, smoking is not permitted in Amare. This ban includes e-cigarettes.

3.6 Weapons, dangerous objects and hazardous substances

It is not permitted to have in one’s possession, carry or use weapons, dangerous objects or objects that may cause nuisance to visitors, hazardous substances, objects that may be used as such and/or objects that may be used to threaten others, without the permission of the security department.

3.7 Waste

Rubbish, paper, food remains, other waste and other substances may not be deposited or left behind anywhere other than in the places intended for that purpose.

3.8 Bags

Only bags smaller than A4 size and not thicker than 10 cm are allowed within the halls in Amare. Larger bags can be left at the cloakroom or stored in a locker.

3.9 Leaving objects unattended

It is not permitted to leave backpacks, bags, suitcases, parcels and goods unattended.

3.10 Found items

It is not permitted to appropriate items found in the building. Found items must be handed over to the Facility Service Point (FSP) on the ground floor.

3.11 Naked flames and fireworks

It is not permitted to bring or light fireworks or naked fires without permission from the security department.

3.12 Offering goods and services

It is not permitted to offer goods and/or services within the building without permission, nor to carry out comparable activities (unless these are event-related), such as:

  1. practicing a profession or trade;
  2. offering commercial goods for sale;
  3. advertising;
  4. expressing religious and/or political views;
  5. distributing printed matter or pamphlets;
  6. holding collection;
  7. organising lotteries;
  8. conducting public surveys or censuses;
  9. organising public performances or other events.

3.13 Aggression, nuisance, inconvenience, damage

It is not permitted to treat other persons discourteously and/or to behave aggressively or behave in a manner that is or can be perceived as dangerous, provocative, threatening, offensive, discriminatory or objectionable or that may cause damage. This prohibition in any case applies to:

  • the application of pamphlets or stickers and/or graffiti in the building and/or on the outer facade;
  • throwing objects or liquids;
  • engaging in sports and/or ball games or other games;
  • behaviour revealing that a visitor is inebriated or under the influence of drugs;
  • disturbance of the peace by chanting slogans;
  • nuisance in the form of noise, light, odour and/or stench caused with or without aids;
  • visitors, in groups or individually, whose presence or behaviour is conspicuous in a disproportionately explicit or protracted manner;
  • begging;
  • sleeping;
  • harassing other visitor or users of the building.

3.14 Misuse and improper use

Without permission from the security department, it is not permitted to:

  • misuse facilities or make use of facilities in a manner other than the use for which they are intended;
  • to loiter or place goods on or by entrances, aisles, stairs, lifts and catwalks, as these are meant to provide easy entrance or exit in the event of danger;
  • to unnecessarily touch, switch on, prevent the functioning of or hinder the accessibility of equipment;
  • to climb upon Amare or parts of its premises or furnishing elements.


Section 4 Video and/or audio recordings

4.1 General prohibition

It is not permitted to make video and/or audio recordings of persons without their express consent.

4.2 Consent

It is not permitted to make video and/or audio recordings for artistic, commercial or political purposes, without Amare’s consent. Amare reserves the right to prohibit video and/or audio recordings in other situations as well.

4.3 Conditions for audio recordings of discussions for own use

When making audio recordings of a discussion for own use with a jobholder employed by Amare, the following must be observed:

  1. prior to the discussion, the involved jobholder employed by Amare (hereinafter: the jobholder) must be notified that a recording will be made, stating the purposes for which the recording will be used;
  2. the recording must be intended for one’s own use, meaning that it is prohibited to provide a recording of a discussion with the jobholder to third parties not involved in the discussion without the jobholder’s consent, or to make the recording public, e.g. via social and other media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube;
  3. it is not permitted to cut and paste within recordings or to present clipped parts of the recording out of context and to thereby present misleading information;
  4. at the start of the recording of the discussion, the jobholder must indicate that the rules relating to the recording of the discussion have been reviewed and agreed to by both parties.

4.4 Video and audio recordings during events

Amare reserves the right to make audio and/or video recordings of events attended by visitors or to have such recordings made. Visitors shall not object, neither on the grounds of copyright nor on any other grounds, to the use of their portrait/likeness as part of the publication of said events.


Section 5 Liability

5.1 Stichting Amare

Stichting Amare is only liable for any material and/or consequential damage suffered by or injury caused to visitors if such is directly and exclusively the result of intent, gross negligence or serious fault on the part of Amare and/or its jobholders, with the understanding that only damages against which Stichting Amare is insured or against which Stichting Amare should, in accordance with the requirements of reasonableness and fairness, have been insured shall be eligible for compensation, and such damage shall be eligible for compensation no greater than the maximum amount stipulated in the relevant insurance policy.[BE1] 

Stichting Amare’s liability is excluded for, among others:

  1. damage resulting from the actions of third parties, including persons engaged by Stichting Amare and lessees of Amare or of rooms within Amare and persons engaged by these third parties;
  2. damage resulting from a failure to obey instructions given by jobholders of Stichting Amare and failure to observe the prevailing rules of decency;
  3. damage or consequential damage resulting from unforeseeable changes in the start or end times of the events covered by the agreement between Stichting Amare and the visitor;
  4. damage caused in any way by other visitors.

5.2 Visitors

Any visitor’s stay in Amare is at their own risk and expense. Visitors are responsible for all direct and indirect damage they cause during their visit.

5.3 Force majeure

Stichting Amare shall in no event be liable for any damage suffered by visitors as a result of force majeure on the part of Stichting Amare. Force majeure is understood to include any circumstance independent of the will of Stichting Amare – even if the possibility of such circumstance could have been foreseen at the time of the establishment of the agreement – that temporarily or permanently prevents the performance of the agreement, as well as, to the extent not already covered by the foregoing: war, war-related violence, civil war, uprisings, riots,  police and/or fire service action, strikes, transportation difficulties, fire and other severe disruptions in the business of Stichting Amare or in its premises, weather conditions and non-functioning public transportation for any reason.  


Section 6 Powers and supervision

6.1 Security

Amare’s security service has been authorised for that purpose on the basis of the Dutch Criminal Code and the Dutch Civil Code. Amare’s security service and persons appointed by or on behalf of the Managing Board are authorised for and charged with the supervision and enforcement of the general safety of people and equipment within Amare.

6.2 Instructions

Instructions given by the security service and by persons appointed by or on behalf of the Managing Board, company emergency response team members, the police, firemen, the Municipal Health Service and other emergency services must always be obeyed immediately.

6.3 Camera monitoring

Monitoring is also performed by means of cameras. To this end, Amare has formulated a General Camera Protocol and a Covert Camera Monitoring Protocol. The camera monitoring and related protocols are in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

6.4 Prohibited objects

In the event that security personnel or other persons as described in section 6.1 suspect that a visitor is carrying prohibited objects, they may ask the visitor in question to show their possessions. If said visitor refuses, they may be denied access to the premises or be ordered to leave the premises by security personnel or other persons as described in section 6.1.

6.5 Denial of access

Visitors who act or have acted in contravention of these house rules may be denied access to the premises or be ordered to leave the premises by security personnel or other persons as described in section 6.1, in which event the relevant visitor has no right to reimbursement of their admission ticket.

6.6 Special circumstances

Under special circumstances, if required by general safety concerns, the Managing Board may request inspection of any luggage or hand luggage carried by visitors. If deemed necessary, visitors may furthermore be required to cooperate with a security search (frisking) by personnel specially trained and instructed for that purpose. In the event of refusal to cooperate, a visitor may be denied access or further access to Amare, in which event the relevant visitor has no right to reimbursement of the price of their admission ticket.

6.7 Breach of the peace

In the event that a visitor refuses to comply with an order as described in sections 6.5 and 6.6, after application of appropriate coercion or otherwise, the police shall be called in and the visitor shall once more be ordered to leave the building in the presence of the police. If the visitor again refuses to comply with the order, they shall be reported to the police for breach of Section 139 of the Dutch Criminal Code.

6.8 Obligation to provide proof of identity

Security personnel or other persons as described in section 6.1 may ask visitors to identify themselves. If a visitor is unable to or refuses to present proof of identity, they may be denied access to Amare. In such event, the visitor has no right to reimbursement of their admission ticket, if applicable.

6.9 Written building ban

Following any breach of the house rules, Amare’s security service may deny a visitor access to Amare for a fixed period of time. Visitors may also be denied access to Amare in the event of a threat to the order inside the premises that puts the safety (physical or otherwise) of other visitors and/or jobholders employed by Amare at risk.

6.10 Exceptions

Visitors visiting the premises shall only be granted exceptions to the house rules by means of written permission from the Managing Board of Stichting Amare. Visitors must present this written permission at the request of security personnel or other persons as described in section 6.1.


Section 7 Final provisions

7.1 Announcement of the house rules

The existence of these house rules is announced at the entrance to Amare. A copy of the house rules is available at the Facility Service Point (FSP), and the house rules have been published on Amare’s website,

7.2 Situations not provided for by the house rules

In situations not provided for by the house rules or in which the house rules conflict with other regulations, the Managing Board is at all times authorised to act in a manner that is reasonable and fair in view of the circumstances at that moment. The Managing Board may delegate this authority to the security service.

7.3 Reference title

The house rules are quoted as the “Amare House Rules”.

7.4 Effective date of the House Rules

The House Rules shall take effect one day after their adoption by the Managing Board of Stichting Amare. Any previous versions of the House Rules of Stichting Amare or its legal predecessors thereby cease to apply.

I have a question that is not on this list
Send us your question by email! Perhaps we can include it in this list. You can send your email to: