The Amare building

Amare is an eye-catching and sustainably built complex at Spuiplein in The Hague. The building is home to four permanent residents: Nederlands Dans Theater, the Residentie Orkest, the Royal Conservatoire, and Stichting Amare (Amare Foundation). The building furthermore contains a range of facilities including four auditoriums, two restaurants, convention and event halls, studios and classrooms, and lots of public space. All this public space is what makes Amare truly unique, since this space is available for initiatives by Amare residents, for other cultural institutions, and for the residents of The Hague. This makes Amare is a real home for the whole city. The wide variety in programming caters to everyone’s tastes, and there’s always something to enjoy in or around the building. 

Would you like to know more about all the things that make Amare so special? We have collected a number of articles below describing how Amare came to be and about the remarkable features of the building.