Eating facilities in Amare

Come and enjoy at Brasserie Amare and Juni Stadskantine

Complete your Amare experience by visiting Brasserie Amare or Juni Stadskantine

In the mood for a bite to eat before attending a concert or performance? Got something to celebrate? Want to catch up with a friend over drinks? Or just enjoy a sandwich behind your laptop? Amare offers two catering establishments, each with its own unique atmosphere and gastronomic concept.

Juni Stadskantine is your go-to for a sandwich, a quick bite or a cup of coffee. The new Brasserie Amare by Luden offers the experience you’ve grown used to at Luden op het Plein: a cosy atmosphere and a delicious menu that offers drinks, snacks, lunch and dinner.

Both the Stadskantine and Brasserie Amare offer vegetarian choices. If you have any other dietary preferences, ask the staff about the possibilities.

Brasserie Amare by Luden

© Brasserie Amare

Brasserie Amare is the younger sister of restaurant Luden op het Plein in The Hague. As anyone who has ever been to Luden can tell you, the establishment is known for its hospitality, service and quality – and that is exactly what you will find at Brasserie Amare from 25 October onwards. De Brasserie is run by Sandra Blokdijk and chef Joram LeBlanc. 

Step through the door of Brasserie Amare and be greeted with a smile. Chef Joram has created amazing dishes for culinary enthusiasts, taking into account your visit to the theatre. Take a seat around the table with your company to enjoy a delicious dinner with excellent wines. Or kick off your evening with drinks and fine finger food, as the perfect complement to the magic of Amare’s entertainment.

At Brasserie Amare, everything revolves around a passion for food and hospitality. Interested in the possibilities? Brasserie Amare is open for breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner. Group arrangements are possible.

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Juni Stadskantine 

Amare’s third floor is where you find the bustling Juni Stadskantine, a medina-inspired cafeteria that welcomes all and everyone: students, performers, staff and everyone else who visits Amare. At any time of the day, this is the perfect spot for a good cup of coffee, a tasty snack, a delicious lunch or a quick dinner.

Sustainable & social
Sustainability and social entrepreneurship, with attention for inclusiveness and a healthier future, are important principles of the Stadskantine. The chefs make extensive use of the tastiest seasonal vegetables, fruits, and fresh herbs. The kitchen operates on a no-waste policy, and all products used come in sustainable packaging wherever possible. The team also includes several members with a disadvantage on the labour market.

Opening hours
Keep an eye on the Stadskantine’s Google page for the current opening hours, as the hours below might differ when the Royal Conservatoire students are on holiday.

Mondays to Fridays: 08:00 – 20:00 
Saturdays: 09:00 –17:00
Sundays: closed
No reservations required

Would you like to organise something for a group? 

Amare offers various options for groups. From meetings to conferences and from receptions and dinners to larger events. For an event that requires a location, you can contact business events.

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At Brasserie Amare we also cater to groups. We are happy to serve you a group menu for the entire table starting at 8 people. For a group reservation in Brasserie Amare you can contact the restaurant itself.

Accessibility and parking

Amare is located in the centre of The Hague, close to The Hague Central Station. As such, we are easily reachable by public transport: train, tram and bus. Several motorways are nearby (A12/A4/A44/A13) any many parking garages are located in the surrounding area.

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