Nederlands Blazers Ensemble

American Roots
Sat 5 Oct / 20:15
Sat 5 Oct ’24
  • Sat 5 Oct ’24

The NBE takes us on an in-depth exploration of indigenous American music. Together with the Native American singer Charly Lowry, musical talent and member of the Tuscarora tribe, the NBE seeks the beauty of Native American culture. ‘We are the land’ is the fundamental belief underpinning this culture, in which people feel at one with nature.  


Werken van o.a. Philip Glass

The composer Philip Glass likewise sought out our origins in nature. His iconic film music "Koyaanisqatsi" has been adapted for the Blazers and runs through the programme as a connecting thread. In the language of the Hopi tribe, "koyaanisqatsi" means a life out of balance. The film examines the complex relationship between humans, nature and technology. Like a meandering river, the two musical landscapes merge, supported by live projections by the brilliant visual artist Vincent Rang. 

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Nederlands Blazers Ensemble
Charly Lowry vocalist