GET’M / 3+

Maas Theater en Dans
Open Festival
Sun 21 Nov 11:00 - 15:00
Sun 21 Nov '21
From 11:00

GET’M is an exciting pursuit with the latest camouflage techniques and classical misunderstandings on a 5 by 5 stage floor. Who is chasing whom? Will they eventually catch the right person? Isn’t the journey even more fun than the ultimate goal?

De besnorde Milan Boele van Hensbroek en Dionisio Matias en de gestylede Linda Zijl (met blonde bobpruik) storten zich met uitvergrote mimiek en gestiek in doldwaze slapstick. (…) Met perfect op elkaar ingespeelde acteurs én een cursusje ‘Russische staatstelevisie’ voor beginners.

Volkskrant ★★★★

Three seemingly “adult” TV-hosts fight for attention in a broadcasting studio. They all want the microphone. But where two are fighting, a third one wins: all the more reason for a race with an unexpected finish.

The imaginative decor offers many possibilities for the characters to hide, dive, pop-up and allows a high level of puppetry. A show inspired by Tom and Jerry, Laurel and Hardy, Road Runner and Bugs Bunny for the youngest audience and everyone who still likes to play hide and seek.

GET’M is the successor of iPet and Wanted: Rabbit, the immensely successful performances for todlers (both by René Geerlings) that kept children from all over the world on the edge of their seats. Wanted: Rabbit was produced at Maas and iPet at BonteHond.


Concept en regie: René Geerlings
Medemaker/soundtrack: Wim Conradi
Spel: Milan Boele van Hensbroek, Dionisio Matias, Linda Zijl, Matthijs Mahler, Frankly Joe Maulany, Henke Tuinstra, Joep Hendrikx e.a. (in wisselende samenstelling) 
Dramaturgie: Judith Faas 
Regie-assistentie: Annelies Appelhof
Decor: Tom de Meer, René Geerlings
Kostuums: Judith de Zwart 
Visagie: Tessa Hornstra
Productie: Judith Oostrom 

PAK’M is oorspronkelijk geproduceerd door BonteHond