Martin de Winter, Pelsuma Bouwtoezicht

Sneak peeks

Every now and then, we get to take a peek inside the beautiful building on Spuiplein. It would be a shame not to share the pictures! On the social media of account Amare you can already get a preview with the 'sneak peeks'.

To give you a taste: see how the Concertzaal takes shape and what the golden chairs in the Danstheater look like. We can't wait to welcome you here!

All the chairs in the Concertzaal (c) Martin de Winter, Pelsuma Bouwtoezicht

Golden chairs in the Danstheater (c) Carlijn Stortelder

Bamboo finish outside of the Danstheater (c) Carlijn Stortelder

One of the dance studio's of NDT (c) Carlijn Stortelder

The Conservatoriumzaal for the Royal Conservatoire (c) Carlijn Stortelder

Golden detail outside of the Concertzaal (c) Carlijn Stortelder

Inside the Danstheater (c) Arno Wijnberg

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