Corporate Giving

Amare is the ultimate cultural centre for The Hague, the Netherlands and even Europe. A unique house for the arts, events, education and cultural encounter. With four halls, a convention centre, eight lobbies, multiple public areas and two restaurants, Amare has no peer in the Netherlands. In order to fulfil its ambitions, Amare is looking for Corporate Partners. Discover the ways in which your business can support Amare: 

Tax benefits

An ANBI (public benefit institution) is exempt from gift tax. Supporting Amare can therefore be financially favourable, as your gift is deductible from your income or corporate tax. 

As a private benefactor, you are entitled to a deduction on your income tax filing. The deductible amount depends on the type of gift. A donation to a cultural ANBI may always be increased by 25%. This means that you can deduct 125% of your donation from your taxable income, to a maximum increase of € 1250. The additional increase applies for periodic donations and for ordinary (one-off) donations.

Ordinary donation
For ordinary donations, the deductible amount is subject to a threshold and an upper limit. The threshold is 1% of your threshold income with a minimum of € 60, and you can deduct up to a maximum of 10% of your threshold income. 

Periodic donation
To receive a higher tax benefit, without a threshold or upper limit, you can record a periodic donation agreement. This agreement establishes that you will donate a certain amount of money annually, for at least five years. This donation is fully deductible from your income tax.

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