Amare wants to be accessible for everyone. So we’re happy to help you with all the information you might need about ordering tickets and planning your visit. If any questions remain, please contact our booking office via or phone 070 88 00 333 (Tuesday through Friday, 13:00 - 18:00). We are eager to help! 

Wheelchair places

Amare is suitable for visitors with mobility difficulties. There are lifts as well as escalators, and the halls are wheelchair-friendly. 

To reserve a wheelchair place please contact us via or 070 88 00 333 (Tuesday through Friday, 13:00 - 18:00). Our staff are thoroughly familiar with the building and the halls and are happy to discuss the options for every performance.

Per hall, the following wheelchair places are available:

Concertzaal, for a seated concert: at both ends of rows 2, 4, 15 and 22.
Enter using entrance 1 (will be indicated on the ticket).

Concertzaal, for a standing concert: 1st balcony (non-assigned places).
Enter using entrance 3 at lobby 3.

Danstheater, row 23, left side of seat 1, right side of seat 9, left side of seat 10 and right side of seat 18.
Enter using entrance C, D, E and F (will be indicated on the ticket).

Amare Studio, at the front, left and right side of the seating (non-assigned places).

Conservatoriumzaal, at the front, left and right side of the seating (non-assigned places).

Nieuwe Kerk, row 3, seat 30.
Enter using either of the entrances.

Please note: the second balcony in the Concertzaal is not accessible for visitors with mobility difficulties. See the floor plans on this page.

How to reach Amare and Nieuwe Kerk

Spuiplein 150
2511 DG The Hague
Nieuwe Kerk
Spui 175
2511 BM The Hague

Amare and Nieuwe Kerk are located in the centre of The Hague, at Spuiplein. The parking garage nearest to Amare is Q-Park Spui. It is located beneath Amare and has three places for visitors with mobility difficulties. The parking garage nearest to Nieuwe Kerk is Q-Park Centrum. It is located behind Nieuwe Kerk and has four places for visitors with mobility difficulties.

Amare does not operate its own parking garage.

Bear in mind that there is still a lot of construction work going on in the vicinity of Amare. 

Drop off at the door 
On account of the construction work, it is currently not possible for visitors to Amare to be dropped off by car at the door. The nearest drop-off spot is roughly 100 metres from the Turfhaven entrance (at the Central Station-side). 
Route: approach via Fluwelen Burgwal, following the tram tracks at Muzentoren. This is where the visitor can be dropped off, and the car can then be parked in Q-Park Muzenplein. 

Visitors to Nieuwe Kerk can be dropped off at the door using the driveway to Nieuwe Kerk. The car cannot stay here but can be parked in one of the parking garages listed here. 

Revolving doors
Amare’s revolving doors have a button to activate the wheelchair setting. By pushing the button, the rotational speed of the doors is reduced. 

Hearing-impaired or sight-impaired visitors

Facilities for hearing-impaired visitors 
The Danstheater and Concertzaal are fitted with an advanced UHF-system for hearing-impaired visitors. Receivers with a mini-jack connection can be borrowed from the reception (security deposit required). Headphones, inductive ear hooks, or earplugs with mini-jack plug can be connected and are also available. 

Amare Studio, the Conservatoriumzaal and Nieuwe Kerk do not have specific facilities for hearing-impaired visitors.

Places for sight-impaired visitors 
Tickets specifically suited for sight-impaired visitors are available for each performance. Contact our booking office on 070 88 00 333 (Tuesday through Friday, 13:00 - 18:00) to reserve a suitable place in the hall.

Assistance dogs
Assistance dogs are welcome. We kindly request that you notify us in advance when bringing an assistance dog.

Practical matters regarding your visit to Amare

You can enter the halls using a rollator. You can also borrow a wheelchair if you like. If so, then please notify us in advance via or on 070 88 00 333 (Tuesday through Friday, 13:00 - 18:00). 

Please note: the 2nd balcony in the Concertzaal can only be accessed by stairs.

Mobility scooter
Visitors using mobility scooters are very welcome in Amare. You can park the scooter next to the escalator on the ground floor, from where you can take the lift or escalator to the halls. You can also borrow a wheelchair if you like. If so, please let us know when ordering your tickets. 

Every lobby has an accessible toilet. 

Refreshments in Amare
Brasserie Amare and Juni Stadskantine are easily accessible for visitors with mobility difficulties. We are happy to receive you for a coffee, lunch or dinner, before or after your visit to a concert or performance.

Practical matters regarding your visit to Nieuwe Kerk

Nieuwe Kerk is accessible for visitors with mobility difficulties. The church is a ground-floor venue, making it easy to visit concerts using a wheelchair, mobility scooter or rollator. When entering Nieuwe Kerk for a concert, visitors with mobility difficulties should ask to see the location manager, who will then instruct a volunteer to provide all necessary assistance. 

The Nieuwe Kerk lobby is downstairs and can be reached using a stair lift. If you prefer to remain in the hall before the performance or during the intermission, we can ask a host or hostess to bring refreshments to you. The hall opens around 30 minutes before the start of the concert, and we kindly ask that you do not arrive early if you do not intend to make use of the downstairs lobby, since room inside the hall is very limited. 

There is an accessible toilet in the performers’ dressing room (behind the pulpit). A host or hostess can guide you there.


Will you need some assistance when visiting Amare? Please let us know when making your booking, and we’ll make sure to have someone ready to help you. You can for instance arrange to have refreshments brought to you in the hall during the intermission. We can also help visitors carrying an Autipas (autism assistance card).

If you would like assistance, then preferably let us know before your visit. You can reach us via or on 070 88 00 333 (Tuesday through Friday, 13:00 - 18:00). 

ITS certification

Amare meets all the criteria of the Dutch general accessibility standard (ITS Standaard) and has been awarded the associated ITS certification. This certificate was initiated by the Dutch umbrella organisation for people with impairments. The implementation (auditing & administration) of the ITS certificate has been assigned to PBTconsult.