Ticket sales

Want to see a concert or performance in Amare or Nieuwe Kerk? Everything you need to know about buying your tickets can be found here.

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Buying tickets

Buying tickets online is quick, easy and safe. On top of that, online sales are open 24/7. To buy your tickets online, you simply need to create an account the first time. In case of any problems, please send us a message at kassa@amare.nl.

When ordering tickets, you have a maximum of 20 minutes to complete your payment. After this time window, your order is cancelled, even if you complete the payment after the 20 minutes are up.

By telephone
It is possible to buy or reserve tickets by telephone. In that case, we’ll send you a link which you must use to make your payment within 5 days, after which we will send you your e-tickets. If you wish to pick up your tickets at the booking office, we charge €2 per order. You can only pay by debit or credit card. Opening hours and contact information for the booking office can be found below.

Box office opening hours

Amare and Nieuwe Kerk box office
Telephone: +31 (0)70 88 00 333
Email: kassa@amare.nl

     Ticket desk*
 June 15 - July 17  Monday  closed  closed
   Tuesday  13.00 - 18.00  13.00 - 18.00
   Wednesday  closed  13.00 - 18.00
   Thursday  closed  13.00 - 18.00
   Friday  13.00 - 18.00  13.00 - 18.00
   Weekend  closed  closed
 July 17 - Aug 30  Monday  closed  closed
   Tuesday  13.00 - 18.00  13.00 - 18.00
   Wednesday  closed  closed
   Thursday  closed  closed
   Friday  13.00 - 18.00  13.00 - 18.00
   Weekend  closed  closed
 June 22  Tuesday  13.00 - 16.00  13.00 - 16.00 

* the box office in Centrale Bibliotheek is closed. As soon as the ticket desk in Amare opens, this will be announced on this page. Visitors who wish to purchase tickets using an Ooievaarspas are requested to contact us by telephone.

Payment options

We do not add a surcharge for e-tickets sent by email. For paper tickets, we charge a €3.50 administration fee per order.

Bank transfer
You will receive an invoice from Stichting Amare. This invoice must be paid within two weeks. If you have entered an email address, you will receive the invoice by email. After your payment has been processed, you will receive your tickets by email. Tickets will be delivered 5 to 10 office days after payment. We charge a €3.50 administration fee per order.

Credit card
Please check whether your credit card company has your current address information. The credit card number used must be in the name and address of the person ordering the tickets.

Payment using a Podium Cadeaukaart (Podium gift card)
After selecting your tickets, you can choose to pay using a Podium gift card. Enter the card number and your pin code, and if applicable pay any remaining costs using a different payment method.

Please note: online, you can only use one Podium gift card per order. At the booking office, it is possible to pay using a combination of Podium gift cards.

Payment using a Theaterbon or Concertbon
Unfortunately, the paper Theaterbon and Concertbon (the predecessors of the Podium Cadeaukaart) cannot be used directly for online orders. If you wish to use one of these vouchers for a purchase, please contact our booking office.

Payment using a voucher
After choosing your tickets, choose Tegoedbon as your payment method.

Then enter the voucher code (shown on the Tegoedbon) and if applicable pay any remaining costs using a different payment method.

If the price of your ticket(s) is lower than the amount on your voucher, the voucher retains the remaining balance.

Discounts and gift cards

Ooievaarspas holders are eligible for a 50% discount on the ticket price for many concerts and performances. To check whether your Ooievaarspas is valid for the performance of your choice, contact our booking office.

Using your Ooievaarspas to buy tickets online is not possible. We need to see your Ooievaarspas for registration purposes. This discount on ticket purchases is only available upon presentation of your  Ooievaarspas. More information about the Ooievaarspas can be found at www.ooievaarspas.nl.

Youth tickets for €10 
Our youth rate of €10 per ticket applies to a number of selected performances for youths up to the age of 26, unless indicated otherwise. If the youth rate is not listed as a price category, this means that the youth rate is not available for the performance in question, or the available tickets are sold out. 

Please note: Are you using the youth discount? In that case, make sure to bring your ID to the performance. You will be asked to show proof of identity during the ticket inspection. If you are unable to do so, you will be asked to exchange your youth tickets for normal price tickets at the ticket desk.

Can I combine multiple discounts?
Different discounts cannot be combined. If you book tickets online and choose a discount rate, this choice is definitive. Refunds in the form of money or vouchers are not possible.

Gift cards
We accept Podium Cadeaukaart, Nationale Theaterbon and Nationale Concertbon and our own restitution vouchers.

Exchanges and returns

Exchanging individual tickets
Up to 18.00 on the day of the performance, it is possible to exchange tickets for tickets to a different performance at the booking office.

We charge a €4.50 administration fee per exchange.

Exchanges as part of subscriptions, series and passe-partouts
You can only exchange your tickets for the same performance on another date or time. You cannot exchange your tickets for tickets to a different performance. Exchanges can be made up to 18.00 on the day of the performance at the booking office.

We charge a €4.50 administration fee per exchange.

Due to Covid-19, it is possible to return your tickets until the start of the performance. If you have flu-like symptoms, we recommend that you stay home.

You can choose to receive a restitution voucher or to have the full amount refunded. Please contact the booking office to cancel your visit to a performance or concert.


I want to reserve a seat for a wheelchair user. How do I do that? 
If you (or someone in your group) are a wheelchair user or have difficulty walking, please call our booking office in advance.

How accessible are the seats in the hall for disabled persons?
If you have any questions about accessibility for disabled persons, we recommend contacting our booking office by telephone. Our staff are familiar with the hall and are happy to discuss the possibilities for each performance with you.

Are there facilities for the hearing impaired?
Amare has an infrared system with a limited number of headphones. If you wish to make use of this facility, please make a request at the information desk.

Nieuwe Kerk does not have a support system for the hearing impaired.

Are there seats for the visually impaired?
Each performance offers a number of tickets for the visually impaired. Please contact our booking office (sufficiently ahead of time!) to reserve a suitable seat in the hall. If you require help upon arrival or before the start of the performance, please notify us of this when reserving your tickets. We will ensure that someone is ready to help you.

Trained assistance dogs are permitted in most cases. We do request that you inform us in advance if you intend to bring an assistance dog.

Brochure seizoen 21/22

Benieuwd naar de brochure van Amare? Blader er hier digitaal doorheen:

Cover van de brochure van Amare voor seizoen 21/22.

Of vraag een papieren brochure aan via ons bespreekbureau (let op: de brochure bevat geen volledige programmering van Amare)

➤ Vraag papieren brochure aan

➤ Blader door de digitale agenda

Where (not) to buy tickets

For some performances, tickets are also sold by official ticket outlets approved by Amare. These outlets are:

  • Nationale Theater Kassa
  • Eventim
  • Red Loyalty

Please be aware that buying tickets from third parties – i.e. from a party other than the theatre itself or the outlets listed above – involves certain risks. In many cases you will pay excessive prices and not be eligible for a refund if the performance is cancelled. For more information, see www.weetwaarjekoopt.nl.

If you have any further questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.


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