Friends’ Kitchen parade

Plan d-
Sun 30 Oct
Sun 30 Oct '22
  • Sun 30 Oct '22
    11:00 - 12:00
    Amare, Den Haag
    Amare Studio
  • Sun 30 Oct '22
    14:30 - 15:30
    Amare, Den Haag
    Amare Studio

Where are you allowed to slurp at table? What do forgotten vegetables taste like? Is pitaya really dangerous and what does ‘the way to a (wo)man’s heart is through the stomach’ mean?

In the Friends’ Kitchen parade Plan d- is looking in the kitchen to discover how their neighbours eat. The whole stage is a melting pot of smells, colours and tastes. In this big cosmopolitan kitchen we tell stories about kosher and halal, Belgian fries, couscous versus meatball. Cooking brings people together and cake and tart is food for the soul.

Two dancers discover the ultimate in tasty recipes from all over the world. In a tasty journey through the cosmopolitan kitchen they find a wide range of dishes and traditions which tell us about the inhabitants and the country they grew up in.

In this kitchen we celebrate peace among nations by eating together and by learning from each other’s traditions and peculiarities. For everyone aged 0-99 and for everybody who likes food…

Kitchen Safari

After the performance kids can go on Kitchen Safari where they design their own placemat or play games like edible dominos and memory eating. For the youngest visitors there is a touch and smell corner and their own Play kitchen. Children from the age of 7 can go to the Kitchen Paradise where they can make a magical herb mixture which they can taste and take home. The children who are dancers can go to the World Kitchen dance corner to test their dancing skills in the friends’ dance tutorial.

Bij dit evenement is geen stapelkorting van toepassing.


Idea/choreography and concept - Andreas Denk
Dance - Cherif Zaouali en Andreas Denk
Co-Choreography - Wendy Grin en Jordi Casanovas
Musical advice - Kaveh Vares
lighting design - Varja Klosse
Final direction - Mohamed Aadroun
Education and production - Wendy Grin
Decor & realization - Wouter Nieuwendijk en Andreas Denk
Technics - Ohad Arama
Photography/Graphic Design - Es & Zn – Esther de Boer
Acquisition - Frontaal Theaterbureau
Scene Photography - Menno van der Meulen
Business leadership - Britt Arp
Production support - Ian Borthwick