Wacht ’s Even (0,5-5 jaar)

De Stilte
Sun 12 Feb
Sun 12 Feb '23

From an assembly kit, a world unfolds. Snow-white objects fill the void. A small table, a stool, a door, a tiny piano. But wait a minute… is somebody here?


Choreography - Femke Somerwil en Gertien Bergstra
Dance - Donna Scholten en Kaia Vercammen
Decor - Bert Vogels
Music - Jeroen van Vliet
Costumes - Czakon
Light design - Twan Mensen

In a pristine landscape, two people disappear and reappear when the inevitable happens: they meet…

How to deal with somebody different? Someone of whom you can’t even tell what type of creature it is? A human, a dog, a bird? Fortunately, there’s no need to change each other.

Wait a minute… stick to simply being who you are.

As part of the European research project MAPPING, Gertien Bergstra and Femke Somerwil - two of the company’s original dancers – create a performance for children, 6 months and older. Accompanied by the wonderful piano music of Jeroen van Vliet, the unknown becomes familiar in a new environment; a world comes to life, at eye level, with the young audience.