¡La otra Cuba!

Cappella Amsterdam
Sun 28 May / 14:15 - 16:15
Sun 28 May ’23
14:15 - 16:15

Over the centuries, a lot of vocal music has been written in Cuba, but relatively little of it is performed here. Cappella Amsterdam lets you hear the 'other' Cuba with a program that speaks of this very rich vocal music tradition.


Leo Brouwer (*1939) Balada de un dìa de julio en Amor… Yo he enseñarte el camino… (from: Canciones Amatorias)
Wilma Alba Cal (*1988) I. Variación II. Remanso, canción final III. Media luna IV. Pórtico V. El canto quiere ser luz (from: 5 Canciones)
Leo Brouwer Selection from Rondas, refranes y trabalenguas
Leo Brouwer Cántico de Celebración
Calixto Álvarez (*1938) Cantos Lucumí and a selection from Osun Requiem

From the presence of the first Spanish music-making priests to the present day: when you listen to the music of Cuba, you are listening to centuries of the presence of enslaved Africans, settlers from Spain, Americans, French and Chinese guest workers. All these influences have resulted in beautiful, extraordinarily versatile music.

Led by Leonard Evers, who also put together this unique program, you will hear chamber choir Cappella Amsterdam sing intriguing choir pieces in Spanish and Yoruba. To the beats of AKE and the vocal power of Cappella Amsterdam and singer Martha Galarraga you will see fantastic dancer Pedro Ricardo Henry portraying different orishas (Yoruba deities).

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Cappella Amsterdam
Martha Galarraga singer
AKE bata (percussion)
Pedro Ricardo Henry dancer
Kenza Koutchoukali director
Floriaan Ganzevoort lighting technician
Arien de Vries costume design
Leonard Evers conductor