(Un)documented Migration, feat. Hostile Terrain ‘94

MA Photography & Society KABK
Tue 1 Nov - Tue 15 Nov
Tue 1 Nov '22
Tue 15 Nov '22
  • Tue 1 Nov '22
    Tue 15 Nov '22

Everywhere in the world people migrate, in search for safety or an otherwise better life. This often leads to suffering or even death for migrants, and various forms of violence as well as protests in regions that are on the receiving end of the migration. 


An invitation to engage with the topic of migration in (moving) images. 


MA Photography & Society - KABK / Hostile Terrain ’94 / Nathaniel White

The MA Photography & Society of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague present an installation that offers the opportunity to think about the ways in which the contexts and conditions in which migration takes place are available through mediation.

Central in the installation is Hostile Terrain ’94, a traveling collaborative effort which maps the, otherwise often undocumented individuals who died while migrating from Mexico to the US in the Arizona Desert. 

Other Migration Routes and conditions are presented in the work of British photographer Nathaniel White-Steele, and contributions by MA students. 

This exhibition takes place in relation to the Gerbrands Lecture, which will be delivered by Jason de Léon, initiator of Hostile Terrain ’94, in the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden. The exhibition is made possible thanks to Fund for Ethnology / Leiden University.