Het Danspaleis (the ‘Dance Palace’)

Every last Friday of the month
Fri 26 Jul - Fri 27 Dec
Fri 26 Jul ’24
Fri 27 Dec ’24

Het Danspaleis (the ‘Dance Palace’) is for all senior citizens who enjoy remaining vigorous, both mentally and physically, through music and dance. The Palace is a ‘fuelling station of fun and joy’, and it’s coming to The Hague! 

“My mother doesn’t walk much, because she has arthritis all over. But when she dances, she forgets everything.”

Daughter of a participant (via De Posthoorn)

Danspaleis stimulates elderly people to remain mobile, in body and mind. Together we create a feeling of togetherness and connection.

Ever since its establishment in 2011, Danspaleis has energised some 100,000 senior citizens. 

"Danspaleis was so much fun, for the neighbourhood residents and us too. I saw lots of cheerful faces, and lots of residents moving their limbs and even dancing. It was a real party. PS, I also made my way onto the dance floor, for the first time in a long time.” -  S. Driet, Social Work Rotterdam