School for Young Talent - Lunch concerts

Royal Conservatoire
Fri 26 Apr - Fri 5 Jul
Fri 26 Apr ’24
Fri 5 Jul ’24

Once every two weeks, the School voor Jong Talent (School for Young Talent) organises a lunchbreak concert on Friday where pupils can perform in public. In this series, the public is introduced to all the departments of Jong KC Muziek: choirs, chamber music ensembles, solists and combos. 


29 maart  
Reo Pramana  
Mozart sonate in e mineur K304 deel 1, 7’

Junqi Tang 
Mozart Sonate 3’

Maya Gilbert 
Debussy 1ste Arabesque 4’
Chopin Wals op.69 nr.2 3’

Per Benjamin de Koster
Rhode Caprice 4’
Mendelssohn Concerto 3de deel 7’ 

The lunchbreak concerts last 30 minutes and are held at the Tribunetrap, near the Amare entrance. Admission is free and everyone is invited! 

School for Young Talent

A solid music instruction programme for talented young musicians
Children with a passion for music are often eager to become good at it. They practice frequently and intensively to master their instrument and to understand what music is all about.

The ‘School for Young Talent’ is run by the Royal Conservatoire and offers a learning environment where young musicians with a passion are prepared for a professional future in dance, music or visual arts, in combination with regular schooling (primary and secondary). 

Pleasure, challenge, quality
Jong KC Muziek is a department within the School voor Jong Talent that caters to the young musicians. Jong KC Muziek offers a programme in all instrumental disciplines, for both jazz and old and classical music. There are also programmes for vocal studies and composition. We offer comprehensive programmes consisting of discipline subjects, rehearsals, piano lessons, solfège, ear training, ensemble singing and music theory.

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