Do Not Run Fly

Sat 18 May - Sat 8 Jun
Sat 18 May ’24
Sat 8 Jun ’24

Accompanied live by the Dutch Ballet Orchestra

Marcos Morau
addresses the urgent questions of today, in an effort to be witness to a world that exists in continuous turmoil and change. In his quest to understand human behavior, the choreographer aims to emphasize the fight against the things that destroy us as well as the reflection on progress, society and the individual. 


Marcos Morau nieuwe creatie 
Yoann Bourgeois nieuwe creatie
Crystal Pite Solo Echo

Morau studied photography, movement and theatre, and is known for building imaginary landscapes in his works. He has been the director and choreographer of Barcelona based company La Veronal for over a decade, and his work has been presented at festivals and theatres worldwide. This new creation will be Morau’s first work with NDT 1.

In his creations, Yoann Bourgeois focuses on the body’s interaction with space by creating physical devices that amplify this connection. Inspired by kinetic arts and optical illusions, Bourgeois’ work weaves together multiple disciplines such as dance, theatre, circus and the visual arts. “I am very interested in the world of games and in particular the game category that Roger Caillois calls the ’vertigo games’,” says Bourgeois. “These consist of an attempt to destroy for a moment the stability of perception and inflict on the lucid consciousness a kind of voluptuous panic.” This will be Bourgeois’ third creation for the company. 

Cloakroom and drink 
Cloakroom and an intermission drink are included. If the event does not have an intermission, you will receive the drink afterwards. 

“Tell yourself, in that final flowing of cold through your limbs, that you love what you are.” These lines from ‘Line for Winter’ by American poet Mark Strand were the inspiration for Solo Echo (2012) originally created for NDT 1 by associate choreographer Crystal Pite. Against a backdrop of steadily whirling snow one character is seen through the perspective of many. Set to two sonatas for cello and piano by Brahms, the first composed at the beginning of his life and the second towards the end, Solo Echo describes a life's journey from the coming of age to the passing of time. Upon its premiere, the work was met with critical acclaim by the Dutch press: “The solos are growing gradually until all dancers create a great organic knot, a moving sculpture that, indeed, echoes the sounds of all individuals,” wrote de Volkskrant. 

*Performances in The Hague and Amsterdam only


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