Pankisi Ensemble

Young female voices from Georgian Pankis of the Valley
Georgië Festival i.s.m. europalia georgia / NATURE OF SOUNDS
Sat 11 Nov / 20:00 - 22:05
Sat 11 Nov ’23
20:00 - 22:05
  • Sat 11 Nov ’23
    20:00 - 22:05
    Nieuwe Kerk, Den Haag
    Nieuwe Kerk, The Hague

The ensemble preserves and develops lesser-known vocal and instrumental genres of Chechen music rarely heard outside of their own community. These include epic legends such as “Illi,” Sufi religious chants, and even love songs. 

Prachtige muziek, messcherpe stemmen, die doen denken aan Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares.

Tijdschrift OOR, over Pankisi op Roskilde Festival

The Pankisi Ensemble balances on the line between an ethnographic ensemble, for which it is important to follow the canon of their native tradition, and a daring musical group of active performers on various musical stages. The group's sound is also influenced by traditional Georgian music, in which the Pankisi Ensemble is also deeply immersed. This affects not only their repertoire, which includes the folklore of different regions of Georgia in addition to Chechen songs, but also their overall style that makes the ensemble a particularly unique representation of the shared and distinct musical cultures of the Caucasus. These are young musicians who are constantly active and developing. They are not afraid to experiment, while maintaining the integrity of their sound.

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Cloakroom and drink 
Cloakroom and an intermission drink are included. The Embassy of Georgia proudly offers complementary Georgian wine during the break of this concert.


Bela Mutoshvili vocal, accordion  
Lana Gunashashvili vocal, phandar (Chechen lute) 
Linda Gunashashvili vocal
Mariami Bagakashvili vocal