Bartók - Bluebeard's Castle

Opera Zuid
Sun 10 Nov / 14:15
Sun 10 Nov ’24
  • Sun 10 Nov ’24

Bluebeard’s Castle is a psychological thriller that revolves around the question, ‘how much truth can love bear?’ The opera tells the story of Judith, who marries the mysterious Bluebeard. In her desire to know him, her inquisitiveness gets the better of her. 


Béla Bartók Blauwbaards burcht

The overwhelming music with which the Hungarian composer Béla Bartók masterfully calls on all registers of the orchestra does the rest.  

Bluebeard takes his new love to his dark castle. Here Judith comes upon seven locked doors. Despite all the warnings not to proceed, she insists on opening all the doors to reveal Bluebeard’s hidden chambers. Behind each door she discovers the grisly secrets of Bluebeard and his history. Will Bluebeard’s darkness prevail, or will Judith’s light manage to triumph?

Enter the world of Bluebeard’s Castle and be taken on an intriguing journey full of mystery, passion, and hidden secrets. 

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Surtitles in Dutch and English


Duncan Ward Muzikale leiding

Thomas Oliemans Hertog Blauwbaard
Deirdre Angenent Judith

Kenza Koutchoukali regie
Yannick Verweij scenografie, kostuum- & lichtontwerp
Wout van Tongeren dramaturgie