RO NOW extra: Alpine Symphony

Residentie Orkest
Sat 16 Nov / 20:30
Sat 16 Nov ’24
  • Sat 16 Nov ’24
    Concertzaal, Den Haag

Join RO NOW for a casual evening where you get to know the classic masters in a completely new way. Tonight: a musical mountain ascent. 


R. Strauss Eine Alpensinfonie

 RO NOW is here to brighten your weekend! Treat yourself to top musical pieces that will stimulate your ears, starting with a clarifying introduction by the conductor that the orchestra illustrates with various examples to help you feel and experience the music more profoundly during the performance.  

Tonight, Richard Strauss takes you on a musical journey through the Alps that starts in the dark of night and ends with a spectacular sunset. A truly majestic showpiece.

An Alpine Symphony will be performed by more than a hundred musicians. Together, the orchestra describes a sublime mountain journey, whose quiet nocturnal start leads to a misty morning, past flowers, hunters and rustling thickets, all the way to the mountaintop. A storm breaks loose, the stars shine brightly and the snow is cold, but the view is breathtaking. The core word is “majesty”, which describes both the stateliness of the mountains and the sheer size of the orchestra. 

Cloakroom and drink 
Cloakroom and an intermission drink are included. If the event does not have an intermission, you will receive the drink afterwards.  

Ooievaarspas discount 
Ooievaarspas holders are eligible for a discount on the ticket price for this concert. To book tickets, we need to see your Ooievaarspas for registration purposes. Please contact our booking office to book your tickets.  


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