Romeo and Juliet (6+)

Residentie Orkest
Sat 12 Apr / 11:00
Sat 12 Apr ’25
  • Sat 12 Apr ’25

Are you familiar with the beautiful story of Romeo and Juliet? They’re definitely not happy with its sad ending – surely we can do better (with exciting music by Tchaikovsky)! 


Tsjaikovski Delen uit de Fantasie-ouverture ‘Romeo en Julia’

Sometimes it feels like the entire world is fighting each other. Romeo and Juliet definitely know what that’s like: the lovebirds have consistently met a grisly end ever since the time of Shakespeare, so it’s high time for that to change. Fortunately, the famous composer Tchaikovsky felt sorry for the couple, and he wrote a splendid new overture about the story. With music this beautiful, you can’t help but stop fighting – dancing and singing is much more fun! 

Cloakroom and drink 
Cloakroom and an intermission drink are included. If the event does not have an intermission, you will receive the drink afterwards.  

When everyone around you is increasingly at each other’s throats, it’s difficult to see how we can all live together in harmony. Fortunately, music helps and heals! Romeo and Juliet show us how important love and friendship are. In fact, the entire hall has to work together to bring the story to a positive conclusion, which means that you get to know the famous love story in an entirely new way. Together with Romeo and Juliet, you will choose a completely new ending – with beautiful music, wonderful songs, humour… and, of course, love! 

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Sander Teepen dirigent
Caecilia Thunissen regie
Sanne Schuhmacher tekst
Amy van der Weerden en Jacob de Groot acteurs
Thomas Beijer arrangeur/componist participatieonderdelen