Architecture of the Invisible

Thu 26 Sep - Sun 1 Dec
Thu 26 Sep ’24
Sun 1 Dec ’24

Clowns (2016), Hofesh Shechter’s first creation for NDT, studies the complexity of being alive, of fighting for shared values, and the raw, human desire for liberation. 


Hofesh Shechter CLOWNS
Christos Papadopoulos: WERELDPREMIÈRE

This reprise once again lets us experience the energetic intensity of a choreography revolving around both darkness and light, as opposing but inextricably connected forces of life.

The darkness and unpredictable rhythms of human life are at the centre of Jiří Kylián’s Vanishing Twin (2008). Inspired by the medical phenomenon of the same name, in which one foetus takes over the womb at the expense of its twin, the work symbolizes temporariness, suppressed emotions and the dark side we all share, but would rather not reveal.  

Voorafgaand aan alle voorstellingen vindt om 19:00 een inleiding plaats in de Spinozafoyer.

Christos Papadopoulos’ new work explores our subtle, everyday social connections, revealing the beauty within the most profound connections that often go unnoticed. A new voice for NDT, the Greek-born choreographer favours a minimalist and precise language of movement. Through small gestures that belie an intense physicality, Papadopoulos has created an ode to the power of invisible forces and transports the audience to a mysterious space in which there is neither beginning nor end.